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Simple Car Seat Buying Guide For Overwhelmed Parents

Safety while driving and ensuring that your little angel is riding secure is something that all new parents soon come to obsess about. Finding the right child restraint seat can go a long way to traveling with peace of mind. If you are someone who is prone to worry, then this can be a nerve-racking experience. We never like to think about the worst that can happen when driving down the road, but we must always be prepared for it. So the importance of finding something safe for your child to ride in cannot be understated. However, it does not have to be an anxious experience. We have put together a small guide on some of the point of shopping for a new convertible car seat to take with you.

There are several advantages to starting out with a seat specifically made for newborns. They are typically easier to carry, some are made to fit different strollers so that you do not have to remove your kid from the seat, and they have added head and neck support that newborns need. However, getting a convertible child seat makes the most sense if you are on a tight budget. Using this type of seat from the start means you will only have to buy one child seat for the first years instead of two.

This is the main reason that most parents opt to go this direction. While it can be confusing with the different types of child seats out there, a convertible seat will probably be the best option for most families where money is a concern. Below are just some factors that can help you find the right convertible seat for your children.

Passing Grades

Any child seat that you buy should meet or exceed the safety regulations and standards of your state or country. The best way to ensure that you get a seat that meets these guidelines is to purchase one from a reputable dealer. Any store with a good reputation is only going to carry legal and safe equipment for kids. The manufacturer will usually have some sort of seal on their box as well advertising the fact that their seat meets all the important standards so that parents know what they are getting.

Head and Neck Support

Newborns neck and shoulder area is a key concern when it comes to strollers and car seats. They are not strong enough to support the weight of the head at such a young age and as such, they need the proper support from any seat that they ride in. The best convertible car seats all pay particular attention in this area and offer superior protection to help support the neck area of small babies with padded inserts.

Customer Ratings

We always feel that is also important to find a child safety seat that other parents have used and see which models perform best in actual real world environments. Finding honest reviews from parents can be excellent resource to get you pointed in the right direction. Also seeking out informative and detailed convertible child car seat ratings can be quite helpful. The more feedback, the more confident that you can be when making a purchase.


Safety comes first, but how child like riding in the seat is almost equally as important. If they are fidgeting, sweating, or crying because they are uncomfortable using the seat, then it really does not matter how safe the seat is. It will make driving a real chore and something that they both of you do not enjoy. Having cool, easy to clean materials should be a must have for any child seat so keep an eye on the comments from parents when going over customer reviews for various models.

Ease of Use

This also encompasses how easy the seat is to get clean. Kids by nature are messy and spills are inevitable, so having a seat that washes clean without a lot of work will be crucial. Also, how easy the seat is to install, move in between different vehicles, and store are all important factors that parents should consider. An overly heavy seat will end up being quite a hassle if you plan on using it in multiple cars.

Popular Brands

It is always a safe play to stick with the best name brands when it comes to getting a new car seat for your little one. Some makers with an established track record for making safe and high quality seats include Chicco, Graco, EvenFlo, and Britax. You probably cannot go wrong with any of these as they all will give your child the protection and comfort that you hope to get out of a new convertible car seat. Which ever brand that you choose, it is always crucial to read the instruction manual to ensure that you know how to secure your child into the seat in the correct way.

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