13 new movies and TV shows to watch this weekend: You season 3, Halloween Kills and more

Halloween is just around the corner, so this weekend’s new movies and TV shows offer plenty of thrills and chills. Prepare for spooky nights on Netflix, Disney Plus, Peacock, and other streaming services.

The weekend programming is led by You season 3, which continues the chilling story of stalker / killer Joe Goldberg. He became a dad and moved to the suburbs, but that didn’t stop him from finding a new obsession. Then there’s Halloween Kills, the final film in the franchise, in which Laurie Strode still faces slasher Michael Myers. And for young viewers, Just Beyond is a slightly creepy anthology series from the mind of RL Stine.

In non-Halloween content, Dopesick is a star-studded fictional tale of the rise of OxyContin and the opioid crisis. The documentary Velvet Underground chronicles the formation and influence of the iconic group. And Succession season 3 is here with more fierce antics from billionaire Roys.

And that’s not all: there are a ton of new tv shows and specials available on broadcast and cable. If you cut the cord, just sign up for one of the best cable tv alternatives to access your favorite channels.

Here are our picks for new movies and TV shows to watch this weekend.

You (Netflix)

Season 3 premiere | Episodes 1-10 (TV-MA) | Look now
Serial killer Joe Goldberg is married, has a baby, and lives in the suburbs, so you’d think he’s reformed his murderous ways. Well you would be wrong. The tension with his wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), the pressure of parenthood, and the boredom of dead-end life all push Joe back to his stalking shenanigans. His new target is his neighbor Natalie (Michaela McManus). The poor thing has no idea that she’s just next in a long line of Joe’s victims. Or maybe she will be offended by a jealous love. Let us not admit to the marriage of truly disturbed spirits obstacles … to an incessant frenzy.

Halloween kills (peacock)

Movie | 1 h 46 min (D) | Look now
Jamie Lee Curtis returned in this Halloween sequel in 2018, which saw the actress reprise her role as Laurie Strode. The action picks up where the previous film left off – killer Michael Myers (Nick Castle) has escaped Laurie’s trap and continues his bloody madness. An injured Laurie fights the pain to rally the people of Haddonfield to fight against Michael. The Strode women, including Laurie’s daughter, and other survivors form a vigilante band in an effort to end her reign of terror once and for all.

I know what you did last summer (Amazon Prime Video)

Series premiere | Episodes 1-4 (R) | Look now
No blockbuster movie or show is sacred and beyond a reboot, not even the 1997 film starring luminaries Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Ryan Phillippe and Freddie Prinze Jr. Like this adaptation, this series is based on Lois Duncan’s 1973 novel and follows a group of teenagers involved in a fatal car crash on graduation night. They promise to cover it up and go their separate ways. A year later, they start getting threatening messages from someone who, well, knows what they did last summer. As the teens struggle to identify their stalker, they uncover dark secrets about their city.

Dopesick (Hulu)

Series premiere | Episodes 1-3 (TV-MA) | Look now
The American tragedy of the opioid epidemic is recounted in a poignant limited series adapted from the book Dopesick: Dealers, Doctors, and the Drug Company That Addicted America. The story traces the rise of OxyContin, manufactured by Purdue Pharma. The sprawling cast of characters is led by a country doctor (Michael Keaton) who is reluctant to prescribe the drug and his patient, a young coal miner (Kaitlyn Dever) who becomes addicted to it. There is a Purdue sales rep (Will Poulter) and for-profit business leader Richard Sackler (Michael Stuhlbarg), as well as a DEA agent (Rosario Dawson) and a US attorney (Peter Sarsgaard) who set up a case against Purdue.

The Velvet Underground (Apple TV Plus)

Documentary | 2 h 1 min (D) | Look now
The pioneering group gets documentary treatment, but rightly so, in an unconventional way by provocative director Todd Haynes. The film traces the group’s rise to the 1960s, when downtown New York City was teeming with avant-garde art, cinema and music. Visually, Haynes deploys a psychedelic treatment reminiscent of the group’s first concerts, directed by Andy Warhol. There is also more typical footage and interviews, including with founding member John Cale, that show how Velvet Underground paved the way for glam rock, punk, and subsequent innovations.

The Babysitters Club (Netflix)

Season 2 premiere | Episodes 1-8 (TV-G) | Look now
The Baby-Sitters Club emerged last year as a refreshing, healthy, yet utterly modern take on the beloved book series. Season 2 takes a look at the genuine issues and strong relationships that make the show so good. The year of the club starts with Kristy taking care of her mother’s marriage to Watson and her new blended family. Mary Anne takes care of her new boyfriend. Stacey hosts a fashion show but still has to deal with her diabetes, while Claudia experiences a family tragedy. Meanwhile, new members Jessi and Mallory step into the fray and discover that babysitting can be as difficult as it is rewarding.

Just beyond (Disney Plus)

Series premiere | Episodes 1-8 (TV-PG) | Look now
RL Stine’s graphic novels take on a somewhat spooky life in a horror / comedy anthology of the same name. All eight episodes follow different teens in “just beyond” reality situations, where they encounter ghosts, aliens, witches, and parallel universes. Supernatural elements are mixed with relevant themes such as bullying, anxiety, and social media. Think of it like The Twilight Zone, but for kids and young adults. The stories are only slightly scary and are suitable for ages 7 and up.

Guilty (Paramount Plus)

Series premiere | Episodes 1-2 (TV-MA) | Look now
Kate Beckinsale stars in this dark comedy as award-winning journalist Beth Baker, dishonored in a scandal and forced to work on a clickbait website. In a bid to rekindle her reputation and career, she clings to a lead regarding a young black woman named Toni (Jules Latimer) who claims to have been falsely convicted of her husband’s murder. His case is a stew of racial injustice, corruption and murder that seems designed to grab the headlines. The show has a satirical tone, but it’s serious about examining how Beth’s selfish motives and privilege clash with the harsh reality of Toni’s situation.

Phoebe Robinson: Sorry, Harriet Tubman (HBO Max)

Special | 55 min (TV-MA) | Look now
Phoebe Robinson is a true multi-union: comedian, podcaster, actress, screenwriter and successful author. You may be familiar with his hilarious 2 Dope Queens podcast with Jessica Williams. Robinson’s first solo stand-up debut finally gives her the limelight she has long deserved. Sorry, Harriet Tubman is tackling everything from the pandemic and interracial dating to dating Michelle Obama.

Another Life (Netflix)

Season 2 premiere | Episodes 1-10 (TV-MA) | Look now
More than two years have passed since the sci-fi drama landed on a dramatic cliffhanger. The alien race called Achaia destroyed the planet Zakir and set their sights on Earth. On the Salvare spacecraft, Captain Niko Breckinridge (Katee Sackhoff) struggles to negotiate with the Achaia now that they have witnessed such brutality. If diplomacy doesn’t work, she will have to lead her crew in a race home to save humanity from a similar fate.

The Sinner (United States)

Season 4 premiere | Episode 1 (TV-MA) | Look now
Detective Harry Ambrose is back, but he’s not on the case – at least, initially. He still suffers from the PTSD triggered by the events of Season 3 and struggles with his inner demons. His partner suggests they go on a relaxing getaway to the New England coast, where he unexpectedly finds himself caught up in a mystery. He crosses paths with Percy Muldoon (Alice Kremelberg), heir to his family’s fishing empire, then apparently sees her die. But a body is never found and Ambrose is drawn into the investigation.

Coming soon:

Fear the Living Dead (AMC)

Season 7 premiere | Episode 1 (TV-MA) | Airs Sunday, October 17 at 9 p.m. ET
The OG Walking Dead is in the middle of its final season, as is the Young Adult spin-off World Beyond. Fear the Walking Dead may soon be the only remaining series in the franchise. So much has changed since the series began, but fans can always count on more zombies popping up everywhere. Season 7 sees Morgan’s group in Texas trying to survive the nuclear fallout unleashed by Teddy and his followers. Yes, in addition to the zombie apocalypse, everyone now faces a nuclear apocalypse. The the first episode is streaming now after dropping out a week earlier on AMC Plus.

Succession (HBO)

Season 3 premiere | Episode 1 (TV-MA) | Airs Sunday, October 17 at 9 p.m. ET (Watch on HBO Max)
The lifestyles of the rich and the Royals are once again exposed in the third season of Succession, the first such example of “rich people who fascinate with their horror” (see also: The White Lotus). All Roys are awful – and I love every one of them. The story picks up where it left off: the immediate consequences of Kendall throwing her father under the company bus for the cruise line scandals. Of course, that means war, with Logan and Kendall attempting to muster the troops – that is, their family members – by their side. Shiv and Roman have their own calendars, as usual. The new episodes bring new faces, Alexander Skarsgard and Adrien Brody. Bring all the tall men!

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