15 Mother’s Day gifts that prove you’re the superior kid

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, four days to be exact. Do you already have your gift(s)?

We certainly have gift ideas for you if your mom is a cool gamer. And we’ve got some solid picks if your mom wants something that goes straight to the nose.

But you read Grab because we’re quirky and quirky and quirky, and you want to see product ideas you won’t find on the Mother’s Day gift guides on every other website. Since going live in late 2019, we’ve been progressive in our selections, even when it made some people uncomfortable. Because who is it we are.

If you’re misfit like us, here’s a hand-picked collection of Mother’s Day gift ideas you’re unlikely to find recommended anywhere else but at Submissions editors and writers.

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You’re never too old for a good Lego set – in fact, given their price, adults probably appreciate them more than a child. Return the favor of buying expensive toys all your life by getting mom a Lego set this year. They’re nice enough as standalone gifts, but come with the added bonus of creating an activity you can do together. Lego has a full range of botanical sets inspired by popular houseplants including an orchid, succulents and a bird of paradise. They are beautiful when finished and you will not force your mother to take care of anything else.

There’s no shame in admitting to mom that maybe her feet are too crusty and dry. Modern technology means there is an easy treatment for cracked feet. Baby foot scrub is the answer. It takes about an hour of soaking in the booties and about a week for the cracked skin to peel off, but then it’s soft soles for babies.

With the millions of things moms juggle all day, they need to have their phones charged at all times. This Belkin MagSafe Puck Loader is different from others out there. He has a 6.6 foot braided cable so it’s unlikely to fray, it supports 15W fast charging, and there’s a kickstand that pops out the back so mom can keep it propped up for a FaceTime or Netflix n’ anywhere. Obviously, this only works with iPhone 12 or 13 series.

We here at Grab are strong supporters of reproductive freedom. Since the Supreme Court is about to overturn Roe vs. WadeNow would be a great time to donate to an abortion rights organization in your mother’s name. Our sister site Microphone suggested seven grassroots abortion funds and organizationsfrom the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund to the Justice Empowerment Network, need your money.

You’ve probably caused your mom too much stress in your life, so the least you can do now is help her relax. Can we suggest Mom Grass Brand Pre-Rolled Joints, from the creators of Dad Grass? Mom Grass products are made with CBG, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid that is perfectly legal and will help mom relax without getting that crazy high like THC products.

Especially for moms, a good night’s sleep is priceless. This Slip silk pillowcase stay cool all night for a restful sleep and will leave mom with that i woke up like this feeling. Its satiny fabric won’t absorb skin care, smooths hair and also prevents fine lines – but maybe don’t mention that last part to mom.

the powerful vibe is an iPod shuffle for a world that has evolved. It’s a colorful little music player that can sync with Spotify or Amazon Music so you can take your playlists offline without having to stream them from a phone. Perfect for long runs or anyone in your life who is more comfortable with a dedicated music player with real buttons.

A very atypical ficus from a very atypical plant store. Cactus Store specializes in rare and strange plants, and has a branch of clothing and home accessories that attracts fashion and interior lovers. pick it up Ficus Palmeri or one of the many others CS has to offer and your mother will have remarkable greenery for her home.

these LIFX bulbs (which will last for many years, by the way) are a great addition to any home, smart or not. Unlike some smart bulbs, these don’t require any additional hardware – just add them to your Wi-Fi network and download the LIFX app. They also work well with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple’s HomeKit.

This tasteful home accessory comes from Seth Rogen, a true master of ceramics who launched his own brand Houseplant. Whether your mom is an herb lover or just can use an attractive aid for lighting candles or incense, the cast iron double drop will look great on a shelf.

Being a parent is tiring, but coffee makes everything better. The Nespresso Vertuo machine will get major points for its simplicity – pop in a pod, press a button and your espresso is on the way. This simplicity is even more satisfying when paired with the fact that the Vertuo machine brews a damn good cup of coffee and comes with Nespresso’s robust selection of flavors. Bonus points for Nespresso recycling program this makes machine pods much more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts.

For the Law and order lover in your life, here’s a slightly less cop-friendly opportunity to seek justice in a Nintendo Switch game. The chronicles of the great ace lawyer presents the legal drama of Phoenix Wright in Meiji period Japan and Victorian England, a perfect blend of detective detective and court cries. It’s also mostly reading, which should make it a lot more welcoming to casual gamers.

Kids – yes, including you – can be a pain in the ass, and everywhere else. Instead of Treating Your Mom to a Singular Spa Day, Treat Her to This Five S Shiatsu Heated Massager she can use repeatedly. With deep kneading nodes and adjustable heat, the device can surely make up for the ailments you’ve attributed, and more. It also comes with a carrying case for mom’s visits.

Is your partner a mother? Costs! Instead of going the classic route and getting simple jewelry as gifts, be bold and get yourself a vibrator that doubles as a necklace. Vesper of Crave is a powerful little vibe and a legitimately beautiful piece of jewelry to wear. It will show that you appreciate your partner’s pleasure and that you have good taste.

Yes, there are hundreds of fancy water bottles (like the one that gamifies hydration) and travel mugs on the market, but most are more trouble than they’re worth. There is a reason Nalgene vials are still popular: because they do the job and last for years. If you opt for the classic wide-mouth variety, you can also put lots of ice in it to keep the water cold.

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