37 best Thanksgiving shows to watch in 2021

Wisteria Lane isn’t as simple as it looks, and it certainly isn’t what it seems on summer vacation. You can watch any episode of ABC’s absolutely iconic drama from the start to get you in the mood, but there are a few Thanksgiving episodes in the mix: season six, episode six, and season seven, episode eight. Streaming on Prime Video

The vampire diary

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Yes, even vampires celebrate Thanksgiving, apparently. Sexy, cranky vampires take a break from the bloodsuckers and intrigue, but not from being extremely attractive people with complex family dynamics in season six, episode eight, and season seven, episode seven. Plus, the fictional town of Mystic Falls always seems to be experiencing fall, so it’s overall a good show for the season. Streaming on Netflix


Kevin Winter

A single mom! Who does two jobs! Who loves his children! And never stop! With gentle hands! And the heart of a fighter! She’s a survivor! Streaming on Hulu

The middle

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Ahh, The Hicks Family: There are few things more American than a family in the middle of the income bracket in the middle of America. Every day with Hicks comes with a few shenanigans, but it’s always magnified for the holidays in a way that will make you feel like your crazy family is actually pretty peaceful. Streaming on HBO Max

Pretty little Liars

Jaimie Trueblood

Season Five, Episode 12, “Taking This One to the Grave”: The most aptly named show in television history still bears his name, even on Thanksgiving. Streaming on HBO Max

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