$70,000 In Stolen Pokémon Cards Were Hidden In The Thief’s Mom’s House: Here’s What Happened

A certain Pokemon enthusiast was able to steal 500,000 Pokemon cards from his boss and hide the stash. The thief would have decided to hide the hiding place in his mother’s house.

28-Year-Old Warehouse Worker Caught Stealing $70,000 in Pokemon Cards

According to the story of Early Game, Pokémon card thefts started to become more and more common, and many people started going to extreme lengths to get hold of these types of cards. A 28-year-old warehouse worker from London tried to steal Pokémon cards but was unsuccessful.

According to an article by The Mirror, the name of the person who tried to steal the Pokémon cards was Kyriacos Christou. According to the report, he confessed to stealing $70,000 worth of Pokémon cards.

A thief created his own eBay to sell the stolen cards

His boss allegedly caught him installing security cameras when he became suspicious of Christou’s activities. Police reportedly found half a million Pokémon cards hidden in his mother’s house.

Some of them, however, came from his brother, who is rumored to be a Pokémon YouTuber. What makes the story even more interesting is that instead of trying to hide the cards, the Londoner decided to just list the stolen cards on his own eBay account.

Christou will not go to jail, but will have to complete 175 hours of unpaid work

Christou, however, was able to avoid jail time as long as he is able to repay the full amount he owned. So far, Christou will have to pay £6,000 and has reportedly done unpaid work worth 175 hours.

According to the Daily Star, Wood Green Crown Court heard that Christou had set up an eBay account in an attempt to sell the cards from Magic Madhouse Limited in Enfield. Company owner Michael Duke noticed thousands of pounds of stock went missing just before Christmas in 2021.

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How Christou Was Caught Stealing Pokemon Cards

In April of this year, he decided to install cameras at the location in an attempt to catch the thief. When he looked at the footage, he could see Christou trying to open a box “he wasn’t asked to go through” and was seen pocketing several Pokemon cards.

The police were then called and at first Christou tried to deny the theft, but the cards were later found in his pocket. He later admitted to robbing Mr. Duke in numerous other instances. The eBay account he created also matched cards that were apparently missing from the warehouse.

Mr Duke noted that one of the most valuable Pokemon cards that was stolen was one of 32, which was given directly to the top players in a “World Championship Pokemon game”.

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