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Chris Moon led his audience outside for a ghost hunt after an informative and question-and-answer game. Photo by Anaiah Davis.

As part of this year’s “Halloweek” activities, ACBU hosted paranormal investigator Chris Moon for a live question and answer session on campus on October 27.

In a segment based on an hour-long lecture, Moon provided insight into his origins in paranormal investigation, starting from his first otherworldly experience at the age of 7. He continued to have these encounters as he grew up and traveled the country playing in groups while exploring haunted places.

It wasn’t until he retired from his musical career that he decided to immerse himself full time in the paranormal world.

Moon educated members of the public on ghost hunting techniques as well as protocols, ways he communicates with spirits, and even detailed some of his craziest hunts, including a disturbing encounter he had in himself. sleeping in Lizzie Borden’s house, after which he woke up unable to breathe, with something choking him.

“I sit in bed and look for something that’s not there,” Moon said. “I wake up in the morning, I open the door and there is my mother standing in the doorway… All of a sudden she has the strangest look on her face… she turns me into a mirror and I look at myself in the mirror and everything around my neck is a cord burn. We no longer sleep at Lizzie Borden’s.

After the briefing and Q&A, there was a 10 minute break followed by Moon leading the audience outside on a ghost hunt. All the while, his wife was available for free tarot card readings in a separate room.

As he removed his gear and attempted to connect with spirits outside of the Michel Student Center, he sparked questions from students before the group moved on to Founder’s Circle. There he aimed to help several students connect with their own deceased loved ones.

The event elicited many positive reactions from those present.

“I went to the event thinking it was going to be wrong,” said Nathan Daehn, a freshman nursing student. “This guy wasn’t an impostor, actually; I really connected with him. The spirit box session was very moving. We spoke to many of the deceased family members which was difficult for myself to watch because of how emotional it was.

However, others had a harder time believing the authenticity of the interactions.

“I felt like it was clear to see that the events weren’t real,” said Reggie Paris, a freshman game design student. “But I understand that a lot of the women and men in the crowd who asked about deceased relatives were looking for that closure and thought Chris Moon was the way to get it.”

The ACBU coordinators were able to organize this event after attending a conference on campus activities two years ago. Having met Moon and remembering the experience well, some members made it their goal to bring a Ghost Hunter to Bradley.

“I think this event is very unique and has a very unique audience that we are trying to reach,” said Ashley Kasper, junior nursing major and event coordinator for ACBU. “It kind of combines that conference aspect that we’re trying to do more events like, but [with] a very fun and interactive event with ghost hunting.

At the end of the session, Moon graciously thanked the crowd and hinted at a potential comeback for next year.

To round off the week, ACBU is expected to host a haunted tour highlighting the “scariest and spookiest parts of campus” and a fall festival on Olin Quad this weekend.

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