anmol: My mother wants to see me every day on TV: Anmol Kajani

Anmol Kajani, who has been in the movie Gangubai Kathiawadi and done a few webcasts, is now ready to make his television debut. Talking about how he landed a role in the upcoming Apanapan show, he says, “I got a call from the production house and they wanted to see my previous auditions. I sent them my audition clips in February and got the part. My character named Badal is a mama’s boy and he helps her in a cafe.

Anmol says he never wanted to do a TV show and it was his mother who encouraged him. “I wasn’t interested in doing a daily soap opera because I’ve never watched them except one or two. Even before that, I was offered daily soaps, but I never accepted them. However, Apanapan’s story was good and my mother was very enthusiastic, so I picked it up. My mom wants to see me on TV every day!” he says.

Every day is a new learning day for Anmol on the sets. He says, “I’m still trying to figure out how things work, it’s only been a few days since I started shooting. There’s a big difference between working for a daily show and working for a movie or a web show. You have to make sure they’re on set for a close-up, which is different from working on a film set. I see that the actors here learn their lines on the spot. I think the ones that are part of TV are technically pretty solid.

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