Anna Konkle remembers the moving moment that completely destroyed her

Since its conception in 2007, Hulu has come a long way. From its impressive live service options to the streaming platform’s remarkable original TV series, fans and users alike have endless entertainment possibilities. Difficult people, Doll face, Small fires everywhere, and High fidelity have been some of Hulu’s most notable TV shows to air over the past few years. Among fan favorites is the sensational PEN15. Take a closer look at the award-winning series and the moving moment that completely devastated Anna Konkle.

The premise behind ‘PEN15’

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Whoever watched PEN15 probably already knows that there is no such thing. The comedy series has a reputation for unboxing and reliving everything that happened in college. The genuine awkwardness associated with the genuine characters and their correlative connections is only part of what makes PEN15 so successful.

Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle are the talented actresses at the heart of the series. However, as PEN15Faithful fans already know that, they’re not just the main characters. Erskine and Konkle are the creators of the TV show and also do a lot of the writing. Much of the inspiration behind Maya Ishii-Peters and Anna Kone is based on the IRL friendship of Erskine and Konkle.

Season 2 of PEN15 released in 2020, and with it came new characters, dynamics, and hilarious moments. However, some scenes can be much more emotional.

Anna Konkle remembers the moment that completely devastated her

Season 1 of PEN15 was filled with ups and downs, and audiences and viewers got to experience the roller coaster ride during “Anna Ishii-Peters”. As the title suggests, the episode explored the many different layers and areas that can sometimes accompany sleepovers with young friends.

What started out as endless fun for the fictional pair of best friends ended in an explosive fight. Anna, grappling with her parents’ impending divorce, and Maya, accepting her changing body, found themselves in new and unfamiliar territory.

At the end of the emotional episode, Maya appeared on screen with her mother, Yuki Ishii-Peters. Ironically, Yuki is played by Erskine’s real mother. In the scene, Yuki sang a familiar lullaby to her daughter as Maya cried on her mother’s lap.

In a turning point and marked by change, the heartwarming act was also very powerful. Konkle admitted in an interview with Paper what to watch this moment of PEN15 destroyed it.

Will there be a ‘PEN15’ season 3?

PEN15 has garnered a lot of attention and praise since it premiered in 2019. With two seasons and 25 episodes under its belt, many fans and viewers of the comedy series are probably wondering when they can expect more content than they do. they love it so much.

Unfortunately, at present, Hulu and the cast of PEN 15 have yet to confirm or reveal anything specific about a third season, but all signs seem to be pointing in the right direction. During Konkle and Erskine’s interview with Paper, they also discussed what the core of PEN15 is and what potential future seasons might look like.

As Erskine said, “There was even a point where we were like, ‘Maybe one season, we could just put this in a retirement community, and we could just play the rejections of that. . “The idea is that these social dynamics and feelings of insecurity can remain in any social dynamic at any age.

Fans and viewers of PEN15 look forward to what the future holds for Anna and Maya, and only time will tell.

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