Arlington teachers’ union press release grabs national attention after local mother changes go viral

Screenshot of an Arlington Education Association press release that has been grammar-checked by a local mom

A grammar-correcting tweet from an Arlington Teachers Union press release caught national media attention.

Local homeschooling mom tweeted photos of the fixes she made said she and her children made a press release sent out by the Arlington Education Association, which represents educators and staff at Arlington Public Schools.

the New York Post, Fox news and the Daily mail have since picked up edits from Ellen Gallery, and her tweet went viral, garnering nearly 2,000 likes and 740 retweets as of Monday morning. AEA President Ingrid Gant has since issued a statement claiming responsibility for the errors and explaining that the post was in fact a draft that had not been edited prior to posting.

Gant sent the initial version after APS announcement On Wednesday night in the New Year, amid record levels of reported COVID-19 cases, he would continue teaching in person and suspending sports and activities for up to two weeks. School was due to resume today (Monday), but the snowstorm has delayed the start of the school year at least until Wednesday.

Gant’s letter to Superintendent Francisco Durán, sent early Thursday morning, called on APS to demand negative COVID-19 tests from every returning student and staff member, something being done by DC Public Schools. Gant also drew attention to the possibility of increased transmission of COVID-19 with lunch inside, calling for more stringent mitigation measures.

But the grammatical and stylistic errors drew more attention than the substance of the release, Gallery told Fox News via twitter.

“Being able to write a clear, persuasive letter is a foundational skill that all students should master before high school,” she said. “The quality of this writing was so glaring that it distracted attention from the writer’s message.”

On Saturday, Gant issued a follow-up statement in response to the viral Tweet and national media coverage.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has persisted for much longer than any of us in the Arlington community anticipated. A draft letter was sent instead of a fully edited letter in a rush for the final challenge. While I personally take full responsibility for this error, errors in my letter should in no way distract from his post: Arlington students and educators return to school on Monday without sufficient material. test and with a lunch plan that fails to cope with the increased risks associated with the Omicron variant. Arlington students and educators deserve a safe return to in-person teaching.

“It is clear that a multi-level mitigation strategy is key to safe and effective teaching and learning in our county classrooms. As a community, we need to focus on acquiring a sufficient number of tests for each student and staff member before our first day in person in January and on improving our meal service mitigation measures. . The children of Arlington deserve no less.

This week, Smart restart APS – a group that campaigns for the improvement of COVID-19 protocols in schools – equips itself APS staff with top quality masks Would need to lower the transmission of the very contagious, but less lethal, the Omicron variant. This called Durán to provide better masks, promote recall and improve air filters in school buildings.

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