Aunt Kiki and Uncle Dale expose hot mom and dad bodies

Off-girl Celebs Aunt Kiki and Uncle Dale recently took a sexy beach getaway to celebrate a milestone in their lives. Get the inside scoop on their fun and flirty photo shares and why fans of the show are sending them a big “congratulations!” “

Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki party

Danielle Busby’s big sister and brother-in-law recently shared photos on Instagram to celebrate a milestone in life. The two TLC reality stars celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary with a sexy beach getaway in Puerto Rico.

‘Uncle Dale’ (Dale Mills), shared a series of photos on his Instagram account Thursday which definitely turned some heads. In the photos, Dale and his wife, Crystal Mills (‘Aunt Kiki’) stand in front of a gorgeous oceanfront pool at their hotel. The couple both have cocktails in hand. Dale and Crystal lean towards each other, one arm around the other. Behind them, the crystal-clear pool water quivers and reflects off the late afternoon sunlight. Beyond the pool, palm trees frame a beautiful oceanic backdrop with a touch of mountains and a clear blue sky in the background.

Photo credit: Instagram

Keep their bodies from mom and dad

Dale and Crystal are both 38 years old. The couple share two children and have a successful career outside of the show. Uncle Dale works with pumping and filtration equipment and Aunt Kiki is involved in several business ventures, including the women’s sportswear line that she runs with her sisters Ashley and Danielle.

Despite a busy life, the couple definitely didn’t let go. Crystal has repeatedly revealed that fitness and training has been a positive force in her life and the lives of her siblings. It is not uncommon to see photos of her and Danielle training together. Both say it’s something they bond over on a regular basis. Dale has also been successful in staying fit and healthy. He and his wife regularly participate in CrossFit workouts when they are not having an argument with their children.

Show skin

Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki certainly weren’t trying to hide their awesome “Mom and Dad Bods” in their latest social media post. In addition to the photo pictured above, Dale also shared a second photo. He presents him with Crystal standing on the grounds of the Hyatt Regency Grand Reserve beachfront resort. The pair were positioned in front of a rift in the palm tree line that opened up to the ocean. The water gently licked the shore behind them as they stood in the shade of the long foreheads of the palm trees above.

Dale and Crystal Mills celebrate their anniversary
Photo credit: Instagram

In the blink of an eye, Aunt Kiki was wearing a flattering two-piece bikini. Although it is age-appropriate, the swimsuit definitely showcased all of its well-toned assets. The suit featured a low waist floral print bottom and a black wide strappy top with a tie under the bust. The top of the costume had a very low neckline which most gratuitously showed off the full bust of reality celebrities.

Dale and Crystal Mills Instagram
Photo credit: Instagram

Uncle Dale also had a lot of Papa Bod to show off. He wore a fun pair of multicolored color block swim shorts with a chevron pattern accent. The celebrity chose to go topless and sunbathe. Female fans made thirsty comments on the post admiring Dale’s toned abs and pecs. Others drooled over his shoulders and the muscles of his legs.

Accessories to Aunt Kiki and Uncle Dale once again proving that “age is nothing but a number”. Obviously, these two haven’t let go and we doubt they will anytime soon.

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