Blind date: “My mom tried to set me up on blind dates. It didn’t quite work out.

TARAH S.: 31 / human resources

HIS LEISURES : Swimming, reading, traveling

WHAT MAKES HER A TAKE: She is fiercely loyal and emotionally intelligent.



Johnny My mom tried to set me up on blind dates. It didn’t quite work.

Tara I texted my friends and my sister and watched a few shows.

Johnny I did a 30 minute boot camp workout on my Peloton.

Tara I’ve never been on a real blind date, so I felt nervous but open to the experience.

Johnny I’m a runner and I always compare [first dates] to run a race. I’m the most nervous at the start line, but once the shot fires and I get started, the nerves seem to calm down.

Tara The hostess escorted me to our table.

Johnny I arrived early and drank water while waiting. The hostess brought Tarah.

Tara [He] was well dressed with a button down shirt and a smartwatch. He looked older than me.


Johnny Tarah seemed calm and outgoing. We ordered drinks and immediately started talking. We delayed ordering food because we were so engrossed in conversation.

Tara Johnny is a very interesting person. He has his own chess teaching company, which I admire. We talked a lot about television and books. We also talked about the Boston dating scene and dating apps.

Johnny Tarah talked about her work in human resources and I talked about running my own chess tutoring business with my mom as an instructor – I think she loved it. She mentioned watching The Queen’s Bet on Netflix and be inspired to learn chess accordingly. I told him it’s never too late to learn the game.

Tara He is a very nice person and we had a good conversation for about two hours.

Johnny There were no awkward silences – the conversation seemed easy going. After a break from dating, I was pleasantly surprised to have such a great first date.

Tara I ordered a chicken sandwich and a blackberry margarita. I have been to the restaurant and the service and food are awesome.

Johnny I ordered the minced pork carnitas. The food was excellent.

Tara When we were talking about books and our interests in TV series, I thought, I could see us being great friends.


Johnny We did nothing after the date. I texted her after I got home to tell her that I liked meeting her. She replied that she also enjoyed the date.

Tara I told Johnny I had a great time and we exchanged numbers. We went out together, we hugged and we said goodbye.


Johnny /B+

Tara / A-


Johnny We said it would be fun to hang out again.

Tara I didn’t feel much of a romantic connection with him. I would love to have him as a friend to chat about books, shows, and our funny dating stories.

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