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CBS ‘ Mom fans met Christy’s dad, Alvin, in Season 1. He and Bonnie rekindled their love and the future looked bright. Then, Alvin died. Now it’s season 8, and Bonnie is happily married to Adam. But, somehow, Alvin is back. How is it possible?

Meeting with Christy’s father, Alvin

Christy spent over thirty years never knowing who her father was. She confronted him in Season 1 in his auto repair shop. All she had to say was “Bonnie Plunkett” and Alvin knew it. He tried to form a relationship with Christy. Alvin, played by Kevin Pollak, took her out for ice cream. He also bought her a car. At the time, he was in an unhappy marriage. But, he and Bonnie couldn’t deny their attraction to each other. After Alvin left his wife, he moved into the apartment across from the Plunkett’s.

This gave Christy and Bonnie a second chance to get to know Alvin. He also had a few adult children that Christy was introduced to. Unfortunately, he had come with a heart problem. During Season 2, he resurfaced on a romantic night with Bonnie. He stopped moving in his bed and Bonnie started screaming for Christy. Alvin had died of a heart attack. It took a long time for Bonnie to recover from her death, especially since his wife prohibited them from having a funeral. They crushed him and Bonnie made a scene.

Bonnie went so far as to steal Alvin’s ashes and replace them with cereal. She slept with them every night. Christy didn’t feel good about it. So, she returned the ashes to Alvin’s sons, aka his half-brothers. It was a death that really shattered Bonnie; she wanted to drink and almost relapsed. Fortunately, it was not the incident that led to this.

CBS ‘ Mom: Six years later

Six seasons later, Christy went to law school. Bonnie is completely sober and married to Adam. We haven’t seen Alvin’s children since his death. He was not even mentioned. But now he’s back. There is absolutely no reason for this. There has been no allusion to him and new fans may not even get the idea of ​​who he is. He did not return from the dead but rather appears in a dream.

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At December 17, the fall finale of Mom will air on CBS. That’s when Alvin returns as Adam leaves. He is going skiing for the first time since his accident which left him in a wheelchair. Bonnie’s deceased love will be a shoulder to lean on for her worries. She doesn’t want to lose another love.

Let us know: Are you excited to see Alvin and Bonnie reunite? You can catch the Fall Finals Thursday night at 9 p.m. only on CBS. The show is slated to return in early 2021.

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