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Trumpism in a fleece vest: GOP’s new bet scored a big win – but here’s how to beat it

Glenn Youngkin’s victory over Terry McAuliffe on Tuesday made Democrats wring hands and apologizing for under the sofa cushions. After all, the entire Republican Party and everyone running under its banner should have been deeply hurt by now. They remain, after all, the party of Donald Trump, the most unpopular political figure of our time. […]

In this house we list our beliefs in the yard

Political traffic signs are no longer just election season events. Tory counties are full of signs expressing their support for Trump, despite not holding any office and currently running for nothing. And the sign “In This House” spawned many flattering imitations and absurd parodies. There are versions for neoliberals, YIMBY, conservatives, conspirators, “The Real Housewives […]

Opening of a civil trial during a murderous rally “Let us unite the right”

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Virginia – Four years after a group of neo-Nazis and white supremacists converged on this sleepy college town with deadly results, pleadings began Thursday in a civil lawsuit accusing them of a violent conspiracy – a case with major implications for legal efforts against former President Donald Trump and others accused of inspiring the […]

Missguided takes a new step with the launch of children’s clothing | national news

LOS ANGELES, 28 October 2021 / PRNewswire / – Today, global fashion retailer Missguided is launching its first children’s collection, MG Kids. Aiming to bridge the market gap in affordable quality and trendy children’s clothing, MG Kids is inspired by celebrity influence, trendy casual outfits and the matching mom and mini look. With fun bold […]

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