Celebrate STEM / STEAM Day with school-aged children

There are always days to celebrate and encourage, and it goes way beyond holidays and special events, like birthdays. It seems there is a “national” day for just about anything and everything on the calendar, and mom can choose which day is important to her family and which ones she wants to celebrate. Any event that encourages learning, growth and development is always embraced by professionals, educators and parents around the world.

According to National today, November 8th is National STEM / STEAM Day and it’s definitely a day to celebrate, and the good news is that there are many ways to celebrate and mark the day with the whole family. STEM / STEAM stands for science, technology, engineering, art, and math skills and it’s a profession that has taken the world by storm. More and more children are interested in future careers in these fields, and they tend to be much better at these subjects than even adults, and this is something that should be encouraged.

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Why should we celebrate it?

According to Sphero, there are many reasons why this day should be celebrated and encouraged. There have been countless studies that show the importance of children excelling in these areas, and that this lays a solid foundation for the future. Children who are encouraged with STEM / STEAM can now make big changes when they are adults and there will likely be an increasing demand for careers in this field. STEM / STEAM encourages creativity and curiosity from an early age, and the more a child is introduced to something, the more time they have to perfect it and fall in love with it.

According to The learning board, STEM / STEAM skills can help a child develop rational reasoning skills, social skills, and emotional skills. Parents can use this day in several ways to strengthen this love.

Look around you

The good thing about celebrating this day is that it doesn’t need a lot of work from mom. A quick glance around her house can offer inspiration on how to get your kids interested in STEM / STEAM. Maybe your kid has an interest in learning how houses get water, and this bike and mom can pull out a fun educational video for kids about how water works in a city.

It will always work best if led by the child, so ask them what interests them. Your child can open a lot of doors by expressing something that has always interested them, and the whole family can have fun learning how it works together.

“A” is the new friend

A was the most recent acronym added to STEM, making it STEAM, and it stands for Art. Art as a kid is fun because a kid can explore their creativity, and there are countless ways for a kid to explore art and there are no limits. Art can also be easier for parents to participate and explore, and all it needs are coloring paper and tools to make even simpler art projects fun and a part of STEM / STEAM.

You can also learn about different artists throughout history, and mom and kids can try to recreate one of their masterpieces and add their own touch to it.

Teach learn

If you want to spark your child’s interest in STEM / STEAM, this might be a great time to introduce them to characters from history known for their contributions to the field. According to Engineering for kids, there are countless ways to teach kids about famous STEM / STEAM people. Think about their favorite things, like planes, trains, and even Christmas lights. These were all invented by someone, and there was a day when the world didn’t have these things, spend time learning about all the great inventors and artists in the world.

There are always endless resources to help mom on her journey to exploring and celebrating STEM / STEAM with her child. There are books, TV shows, and the Internet that can be explored. YouTube is a great source of kid-friendly STEM / STEAM videos and famous inventors like Ben Franklin and Nikole Tesla. If mom needs more ideas, she can contact her child’s teacher or a librarian at the local library for other helpful resources. Another great tip is to look in your local museum. They may have special exhibitions for STEM / STEAM or even a one-day event just for that national day. It could be a fun field trip away from the house, and your child can explore in a more convenient way.

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