Depp-Heard juror speaks out for the first time and explains why ‘Aquaman’ actress ‘didn’t come across as believable’

‘It didn’t seem believable,’ a juror said hello america this morning about Amber Heard’s testimony in the recent defamation lawsuit brought by her ex Johnny Depp. “It seemed like she was able to flip the switch on her emotions. She was answering a question and she was crying and two seconds later she was going freezing. It just didn’t feel natural.

The male juror’s statements are the first made publicly by anyone on the seven-person panel, made up of two women and five men.

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“They had their husband-wife arguments. They were both yelling at each other,” the juror said. CMG today. “I don’t think that makes them right or wrong. That’s what you do when you argue, I guess. But to rise to the level of what she was claiming, there was not enough or any evidence that really backed up what she was saying.

Speaking of which, the juror questioned the authenticity of two much-discussed photos of Heard with what would have been bruises on his face. Depp’s attorneys argued the color saturation in one had been manipulated to heighten the prominence of the alleged bruise on his face.

“They were two different pictures. We couldn’t really tell which picture was real and which wasn’t,” the juror said.

Another claim that hurt Heard with the juror was the way she analyzed his remarks about a promise to donate the couple’s divorce proceeds, which Depp’s team argued she failed to keep.

Heard testified that a pledge and a gift are “synonymous with each other” and “mean the same thing”.

The juror saw things differently.

“The thing is, she didn’t give much of it,” he said. “It was dishonest.”

There was speculation in the media that since Depp was the biggest star, jurors might lean in his direction.

But the juror argued that ‘none of us were really fans of any of them’.

As for the impact of social media, which was another topic of discussion outside the courtroom, he said the majority of the jury did not have Twitter accounts, including himself.

“Social media has not impacted us. We followed the evidence. We didn’t consider anything outside [the courtroom]. We only looked at the evidence… These were very serious accusations and a lot of money at stake, so we didn’t take it lightly.

You can watch today CMG section below.

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