Eva Fleurose reveals five tips for achieving work-life balance as a working mom

5Of course, career and parenthood can coexist. Although this is one of the most difficult situations a mother can go through, you don’t have to compromise your profession to choose motherhood or vice versa. But to select both, we need to be more proactive, optimistic, determined and patient and make sure that every day we have “me time” to pull ourselves together to deal with motherhood and career simultaneously.

Being a mother and trying to balance a full-time career with a family life is never easy. However, a proper approach can make it easier. Here are some ideas shared by Eva Fleurose on how to achieve the perfect work-life balance.

Stop judging yourself against other moms

It’s human nature to compare. We are all committed to it. Even though we think we’re pretty capable moms, we still compare ourselves to other moms who are more attractive, fitter, and better at juggling it all.

Stay in touch with your employer

Create a written plan outlining your needs before speaking with your company or a human resources representative. Be prepared to offer other approaches, such as a trial of your planned work schedule to demonstrate that the arrangement will not limit production. When interacting with a supervisor, mothers who need maternity leave should have questions ready.

Create and maintain a family calendar

Establish what matters most to your family. A calendar can be used to keep track of birthdays, extracurricular activities, bill due dates, a schedule of children’s activities, and other important information.

Organize engaging family activities

Making time for your children is essential to support your family dynamics and improve communication between all members during the week and on weekends. If you’re short on time, consider hosting a family brunch, family movie, or board game night. Create regular activities so everyone has something to look forward to.

Find time for yourself

Spending time on yourself means taking time on your to-do list, your to-do list, and your commitments. You can do this quite often if you use your time wisely. Keep in mind that managing your energy well is essential because your time is divided between your home and your work. Take the time you need to take care of yourself so you can feel relaxed and satisfied, because you can’t be a good parent or a good employee if you’re not satisfied.

Hope these thoughtful ideas from Eva Fleurose help you achieve your coveted work-life balance.

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