Harry Potter star Tom Felton has forbidden his mother to google him

The continued success of the Harry Potter films has forced Draco Malfoy actor Tom Felton to ban his mother from Google searching for him.

Harry potter Star Tom Felton, who played Draco Malfoy, banned his mother from Google searching for him. The Harry potter series, based on the bestselling books by author JK Rowling, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary with Harry potter and the sorcerer’s stone being released in 2001. The films launched the careers of then child stars Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson and Felton, all of whom enjoyed successful acting careers in the years following the conclusion of the film. series.

Although not part of the main trio of characters, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, Draco appears in the Eight Harry potter films, acting as an antagonist to Harry until the last film where the good in him finally wins. As part of the film’s 20th anniversary, Felton is set to appear in the highly anticipated Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: ​​Return to Hogwarts, which will bring together most of the original cast for a special HBO Max event that airs on New Years Day. Next Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 in 2010, Felton appeared in a number of films and television shows, including The rise of the planet of the apes, Flash, and the famous Netflix war film, The forgotten battle.


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In a new interview with Square mile, Felton explains how he handled his fame because of Harry potter and the “no google search“rule he put in place for his mother. Although social media weren’t really around when the first Harry potter the movies are out, it’s a whole different story now, says Felton. Check out Felton’s full commentary below:

“It can really affect you. I try to do the best that I can, really. We don’t really have many examples – knowing that when we did, 20 years ago, there was obviously no social media. There was nothing at all. Suddenly being in this world now where you can type god knows what… I forbade my mom to google me. “

Draco Malfoy is crying

The actor has over 11 million Instagram followers and over 9.4 million TikTok followers, which is proving hugely popular with fans around the world. A trend of Draco-Malfoy-inspired videos on TikTok posted under the #DracoTok tag started recently with users posting videos celebrating their love for the character (and Felton). Felton himself recently acknowledged the videos on the platform with his own #DracoTok video, other exciting fans. While the posts are positive and celebrate Felton’s iconic character, it’s easy to see why he would want his mother to avoid seeing them.

While social media provides space for positive social interactions, it also provides an equal space for ridicule and vitriol. While it has a large number of loyal fans, there will always be those who post negative comments or start hate, as is the case with any celebrity with a social media presence. With both the “thirsty” #DracoTok videos and the ever-looming threat of hatred and controversy online, it’s no wonder Felton wants to stop his mother from Google searching for him. Fans can watch Felton reunite with his former cast members when the Harry potter Special reunion aired on HBO Max on January 1, 2022.

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Source: Square mile

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