HBO Max Removes These 6 Reality Shows; fire the team behind Legendary, Fboy Island – blurry reality

As part of the merger between Discovery and WarnerMedia, the new company, Warner Bros. Discovery, trying to save money. A lot of money: he has $50 billion in debt and “has pledged to find $3 billion in savings”, as The New York Times reported.

These “savings” come in the form of two things: 1) actual jobs of human beings and 2) content, including reality TV shows.

First, Warner Bros. Discovery fired the executive and team of people who developed its original reality series, such as Legendary, Fboy Islandand Selena + Chef.

They said these shows could go on, but Deadline noted that “HBO Max has been known to pay between $1.5 million and $2 million per episode for some of its unscripted shows, well above Discovery’s usual rates, which typically range up to around $500,000 apiece. time.” That’s a huge difference and explains the huge difference in quality.

He’s also dropping previously produced projects, including bat girl; the second season of the wonderful sitcom Chad; and the completed TBS reality series The big D, with JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers. This form of accounting is called “depreciation,” and they do a lot of it.

Part of that is removing existing content. As Indiewire reported earlier this month, these are shows that “have the possibility of partial delisting.”

Among the already deleted reality shows are full bloom, the flower arranging reality show that aired for two seasons. (Years earlier, HBO Max removed Karmaclose competition Endurancewhich premiered with HBO Max, then mysteriously vanished a few months later.)

Tonight, HBO Max just sent out an announcement to the media saying that 37 shows “will be releasing from HBO Max this week.” The company offered this explanation:

As we strive to bring our catalogs of content together on one platform, we will be making changes to the content offering available on both HBO Max and Discovery+. This will include the removal of certain content from both platforms.

At the same time, we are already starting to bring together our catalogs of content, such as the launch of the new CNN Originals hub on Discovery+ and a curated collection of Magnolia Network content coming soon to HBO Max.

The shows HBO Max will remove next

Discovery of Warner Bros.

This news, while distressing, is a good reminder that any show you’re counting on to be available on now could be dropping soon.

The unscripted shows HBO Max is airing this week (when exactly? *shrug emoji*) are:

  • 12 dates of Christmasa two-season dating series that was one of the few to have queer leads
  • About last nighton which Stephen and Ayesha Curry asked celebrity couples about their relationships
  • Ellen’s Next Great Designera reboot of an HGTV show
  • The restlessness of the generationa documentary series that profiles “brilliant and cheeky young individuals”, including Anna Delvey
  • My mother, your fathera dating show produced by Office EP Greg Daniels
  • The Pursuit of Happiness by Ravi Patelwhich followed the actor as he “went on a journey around the world as he investigated societal norms in search of answers to some of life’s most pressing questions.”

Somehow Bethenny Frankel’s terrible new show isn’t on the list.

Here’s the full list of shows HBO just announced it’s removing:

  1. 12 dates of Christmas
  2. About last night
  3. Aquaman: King of Atlantis
  4. Close enough
  5. Detention Adventure
  6. Dodo
  7. Ellen’s Next Great Designer
  8. Elliott of Earth
  9. Esme & Roy
  10. The Fungi!
  11. The restlessness of the generation
  12. Gender+ion
  13. infinite train
  14. Little Helen
  15. Mao Mao, Hero of Pure Heart
  16. The mess goes to Okido
  17. Mia’s Magical Playground
  18. Powerful Master Swords
  19. My dinner with Hervé
  20. My mother, your father
  21. Odon
  22. OK KO! – Let’s be heroes
  23. The Ollie & Moon Show
  24. Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures
  25. The Pursuit of Happiness by Ravi Patel
  26. Select Sesame Street Promotions
  27. Do it big, do it small
  28. To share
  29. Gurgling
  30. summer camp island
  31. The show not too late with Elmo
  32. The Rabbit on the Run – Special
  33. Theodosia
  34. Tig and Seek
  35. uncle grandfather
  36. Victor and Valentino
  37. Dinosaurs Yabba Dabba
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