“I had no intention of being famous” – Lorcia Cooper-Khumalo on fame worship and scandal! come back

This is a wonderful surprise for his fans.

Lorcia Cooper-Khumalo has left Scandal! 10 years ago, leaving viewers stunned. Her character was both loved and hated and is one of the most memorable roles the 43-year-old actress has played in a career spanning nearly two decades.

Now the dancer, teacher, choreographer and actress is back as Erin to shake things up for Dintle (played by Mapaseka Koetle) on the popular soapie e-tv.

“Seeing old faces again and playing Erin again has been strangely fulfilling. I never expected to come back, to be honest, and being back feels good to me,” the mother told Drum.

Far from Scandal! She filmed other television shows and pursued other career projects. “Life has been a journey of many experiences, 10 years can be a lifetime. Ups and downs, ups and downs, hard lessons, beautiful ones, that’s life,” says Lorcia.

“Well, in TV time we don’t do exact time tapping, so in TV time it’s been about 12 years, in real time I’ve been away for 10 years” , she says.

“I’ve worked on some amazing shows, Lockdown, Still Breathing, Housekeepers, The Estate, which I’m still on right now. Lots of teaching and choreography, study and education from my beautiful family. I was lucky enough to be able to study part-time and I am immensely grateful for that.

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She started dancing at the age of four when she competed in ballroom and Latin American dance competitions. Having been in the industry for so long, Lorcia says she’s moved on but doesn’t see her craft as a job and that motivates her.

“I grew by leaps and bounds. Growth is amazing and necessary, no matter how hard it is. The way I see life is different, the way I see myself is different, and this evolution is continuous, I know that for sure.

“I don’t see my job as a job or a job that generates income, it’s true, but it’s more than that,” she adds.

“I’m very clear about my intention to tell good, wholesome stories that have an impact. I prefer meaningful work. When I tell a story, at that moment, I would like the viewer to transcend. Art is therapy for me, whatever the medium, I like to experience it in my work.

Lorcia has been in the limelight for too long, so she’s not fazed by fame.

“I had no intention of being ‘famous’, I find the interview somewhat superficial and exhausting. I prefer my work to be the loudest voice in the room, that it speaks for itself, c that’s how I am,” she says.

“I think there’s a place for everything and everyone’s different approach, a place for every type of boating in our industry. My preference is to focus on maintaining the quality and dignity of the work I do. At the same time, I believe that my work belongs to the public, but my life is mine,” she adds.

“Our industry doesn’t make room for all kinds of artists though, it’s like everyone has to be there and public about everything and everywhere on social media. Some of us are good at that and others just don’t like it and that should be fine. We’re even at the point now where we’re being questioned on our social media after the auditions. It’s pretty disgusting.”

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She was introduced to her fans as Lorcia, the dancer and choreographer, and that still remains her love, she says.

But she relishes being back on Scandal!.

In the story, Dintle decided it was best to let her newborn baby go due to her financial situation at the time. Then Erin (Lorcia) and Tino decided to adopt the child and treat her as their own, with the understanding that Dintle would not interfere in the process at all, even in the future.

Now Mo (the adopted baby) has decided to find her mother on her own. Live on TV, she told Dintle she was the child she gave birth to 14 years ago.

After this revelation, Mo leaves, which leads to Erin returning to the scene in a rage and looking for her daughter.

“I teach and choreograph when my schedule allows,” Lorcia shares.

“I love dancing and I would never completely walk away from it. Training is a work in progress, I’m slowly getting back into an exercise routine, but oh my goodness, it’s been hard enough this time -this. “

Balancing motherhood, being a wife and her dreams is difficult but fulfilling. “I prioritize what’s important to me, what I value the most, and work from there. We cannot give energy with the same intensity in all areas of our lives,” she says.

“I am passionate about alternative healing modalities, taking into account the body-mind-spirit connection. A lot of my time outside of work is spent on this.

She recently shared that she had surgery to remove a lipoma and received warm messages of healing from close friends and fans.

“The operation was not painful, but lipomas can get quite large and mine was becoming visibly visible on my arm and continuing to grow. This was the reason for my withdrawal. The injury after wasn’t too bad either, but again, coming from a dance background, I’m a pretty tough cookie,” she says.

This year, Lorcia has big plans that she hasn’t announced yet.

“There are still a few things in the works for this year that I have planned to complete, they are still in the design phase. So I would prefer to only talk about them after the execution. On the screens I will be sure Scandal! for a little while longer and also on The Estate and whatever the movie gods have in store.

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