Jenelle Evans is no longer returning to MTV’s Teen Mom

jenelle evans, MTV’s ‘Teen Mom’ star won’t return to project as she seeks to move on to bigger and better things in reality TV, depending on her direction.

TMZ reports that August Keen, Evans’ manager said the decision was official and the two parties were unable to reach a contractual agreement was the reason for the breakup.

MTV wanted to sign Jenelle Evans for an exclusive deal

August Keen said TMZ this MTV wanted to sign an exclusive deal with its client, which would have limited other career opportunities that Evans wants to pursue, so it wasn’t a good choice.

But the end of her stint on “Teen Mom” doesn’t mean Jenelle Evans is quitting her TV jobas it is reported that she is involved in the development of a dynamic new seriesbut the concept remains secret until now.

Evans’ manager gave a little nuggetjust by saying it is picked up by a large network.

Jenelle Evans wants to build her entrepreneurial brand

Signing an exclusive deal with MTV would have made things difficult as an entrepreneur for jenelle evanswho now wants to focus on building its own brand.

Jenelle was fired in 2019 from MTV’s “Teen Mom”after her husband David Eason killed their family dog.

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