Jim Bob’s actions against Jill Dillard revealed

For years, Duggar fans have heard that Jill Dillard is on bad terms with her parents, Jim Bob and Michelle. However, much of the conflict is still under wraps. According to Jill, there were issues with her not getting paid for her time on TLC. 19 children and counting and Counting on. Jill shared a few other details about her relationship with her parents today, including the fact that she set limits with them. Jill’s husband Derick says he’s working on a revealing book to expose the family. But not much else has come out on what’s going on.

Recently, a source explained how Jill stood up to Jim Bob and tried to break free from his control. Now a source has shared additional information about the conflict between Jill and her father. Read on to learn more about the actions Jim Bob took against his daughter.

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Jim Bob Duggar says Jill Dillard is “dangerous”

According to a The source, who spoke with Katie Joy about Without crystal ball, Jim Bob calls Jill “dangerous”. Katie writes, “Jill is called dangerous to the family by Jim Bob. Several sources claim that he is convinced that she is a bad influence on children. Jim Bob is apparently so paranoid that Jill could turn her siblings against him and reveal the truth that she is now “dangerous” to the family. The fact that the woman who wants answers, payment and stopping the abuse is the most dangerous is appalling. The real monsters and dangers to the family are Josh and Jim Bob – allegedly.

The source says Jill tried to talk to her father about Counting on. However, she eventually had to hire a lawyer to receive compensation.

Counting on Daughter not allowed to contact mom

Adding even more to the family conflict, Jim Bob would have made it even harder for Jill to connect with her siblings and parents. Katie writes: “Jim Bob Duggar allegedly told Jill Dillard that she was not allowed to come to her childhood home without her permission. Although Jill has stated so publicly, she has not revealed that Jim Bob also forbids her from having contact with her mother.

According to the source, “Jill was upset by her father after making it known that she was not welcome in their house.”

Jim Bob Duggar expresses concerns about Derick Dillard

Katie’s source also discusses the idea that Jill’s husband Derick will write a revealing book about the family. Derick has mentioned it several times over the years, but no specific details have come out yet. It’s unclear what his plans are for the book. But according to the source, this is something Jim Bob is afraid of.

Katie writes: “Other sources say Jim Bob is paranoid that Derick is writing a book, which could blow up his long public scam.”

So, do you think all of these details about Jill Dillard and Jim Bob Duggar are shocking? Did you know how bad their relationship was and that he thinks it is “dangerous?” Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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