Josie Durben continues in year 4 as a teenage entrepreneur

Newcomerstown’s Josie Durben will not only be a freshman as an NHS in August, but is also celebrating her fourth year as a successful young entrepreneur. She is the daughter of Chad and Sascha Durben, and the owner of Josie’s Cupcakes.

Josie was just 10 years old and in fourth grade at West Elementary when she attended a LEAD program cake decorating club taught by teacher Mrs. Hursey. Josie kept thinking about the enjoyable baking experience, and in the fall of fifth grade, she approached her parents about starting her own cake business. Chad and Sascha suggested she try cupcakes first, since cakes are much more complex.

Josie was also guided by her parents regarding her company’s product. They suggested and Josie chose to include the 10% tithe to God first as her parents said God would bless her for it. Josie shares, “It turned out to be true because I was so blessed by God.

“My first dozen cupcakes were baked and decorated over Labor Day weekend in 2018, and posted to my mom’s Facebook page. After 20 minutes, I had my first client. I started with a boxed cake mix and homemade frosting, but the client’s wife was allergic to the boxed cake mix, so I looked up a scratch cake recipe and made another batch that she was able to appreciate. From then on, all of my cupcakes and frostings were made from scratch. »

Orders started coming in quickly by word of mouth and being shared on Facebook. Josie’s Cupcakes immediately began to grow and become known around Newcomerstown.


Josie prefers to cook in the middle of the day so she can get some sleep, but not too late at night either. However, when school is in session, she changes her schedule by cooking in the evenings. Events that Josie creates cupcakes for include graduation parties, weddings, bridal showers, baby showers and birthday parties in addition to regular orders. Her biggest order was 30 dozen cupcakes for Bliss Veterinarian Services.

“I love the artistic side of baking cupcakes and trying new flavors. In addition to my regular cupcake flavors, I have a gourmet line of Reese Cup, Snickers and Andes Mint cupcakes,” Josie explained. “I enjoy that my cupcakes are sweet treats that others enjoy and share. with family and friends for many years. occasions and parties. I always put a handwritten note on my orders that says, “Have a nice day! -Josie’. My wish is to bless others because God has blessed me a lot.

To contact Josie regarding an order or any questions, please message her mother – Sascha Durben on Facebook Messenger. Sascha and Josie will then work together to plan the orders and provide the details to the customer.

Josie also offers a list of flavors and prices for people to order. It is ideal to place your cupcake request at least one to two weeks in advance to allow for sufficient supply and timing to meet the customer’s desired date for their Josie’s Cupcakes.

“In my four years running Josie’s Cupcakes, I’ve learned a lot about managing my time, picking orders, adjusting or redesigning cupcakes when things aren’t going well, allocating the money I make (10% to God, 50% in my business, 20% to save, 20% to spend),” she said. “For any young entrepreneur looking for advice on starting their own company, I would emphasize that it’s okay to make mistakes. Keep adjusting and don’t give up until you’re happy with the end result.

“At the start of my business, when my parents told me that I had to give 10% off to God and that he would bless me for it, I doubted them. I wanted to keep it for myself, but I listened to and trusted their counsel, and God greatly blessed me (Malachi 3:10).

“I want to take this opportunity to thank my parents for the use of the family kitchen and for their support and help. I also want to thank the customers of Josie’s Cupcake and those who keep coming back for more,” Josie noted.

Josie’s future plans are to continue creating cupcakes for a while. She is very conscientious in maintaining a balance of priorities between school, activities and baking. She plays volleyball, is a member of marching bands and orchestras, as well as the junior honor society and college leadership team. Josie is active in her church’s META youth group and is part of the META leadership team. Additionally, she teaches preschoolers at Faith Farm during church.

After high school, Josie will go on to college with a possible business major in hopes of one day owning her own storefront. Another field that Josie has thought of pursuing is the field of sports coaching. Regardless of what the future holds, she is excited for what lies ahead and realizes that her experience as a business owner will only strengthen whatever major she chooses upon entering college. .

“I love our town of Newcomerstown,” concluded Josie. “It’s a loving village that helps each other a lot and appreciates small businesses. I am proud to be part of this community. »

Sascha and Chad share, “We are immensely proud of Josie all around! She is growing and learning so much in life and we are excited to see what her future holds for her. We thank God for blessing us with her and entrusting her to us.

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