Katy Perry delights fans with new photo of daughter Daisy’s second birthday as she and Orlando Bloom celebrate

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom have something to celebrate because their little girl has just turned two.

The couple delighted fans with a snap of Daisy’s birthday they phoned with the most adorable birthday cake.

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Katy and Orlando pulled out all the stops for their only daughter’s big day and showed off a fabulous pink Elmo cake that certainly looked fit for a princess.

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WATCH: Katy Perry shares a rare glimpse into her daughter Daisy’s life

Although they didn’t show a photo of Daisy – who was recently photographed in photos on the Daily Mail – there’s no doubt the creation would have raged with her as her famous mum recently revealed all the things her brood loves.

At an event in Los Angeles, the singer opened up about her daughter and how much she’s grown, as well as specific interests she’s developed.

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Daisy definitely seems to have inherited her parents’ confidence, as Katy told People, “She’s a ham. She likes to dress up. She’s not very shy.”

Daisy’s cake was adorable

She also revealed that she and Orlando Bloom’s daughter “loves ballet. She goes to tutu school and she loves it. It’s very adorable.”

The family recently moved to their Los Angeles home after a stint in Kentucky while Orlando was filming his latest project, Red Right Hand and Katy is making a return to the Las Vegas scene.

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However, living away from her usual busy activities gave her the opportunity to break free, as she explained: “I was just a mum and I did all my life in the countryside.

Katy and Orlando celebrated their daughter’s second birthday

“Just enjoying it, living in the small. I’ve lived in the big so much. Learning to be a normal person is good. Having to go to the grocery store, going to Walmart. Just being able to ride with life.”

She was also asked if baby number two was on the cards and she revealed: “I’m a planner. So we’ll see. Hopefully in the future,” she added.

Talking about how she juggles her demanding career and life as a mother, Katy admitted she was blessed to have lots of help. “I have great support,” she shared. “I have an amazing sister. I have an amazing nanny. And Orlando definitely delivers.”

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