Lisa Rinna is heartbroken after her mother dies from stroke

Last week Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna shared that her beloved mother suffered a stroke. She shared a video of her mom asking everyone to celebrate her as she “transitions”. On Monday, news broke that Lois had passed away.

Lisa Rinna and her family mourn the loss of Lois

Lisa Rinna’s daughter Amelia Gray Hamlin took to Instagram to share the sad news of Lois’ passing. She said: “My guardian angel for the rest of the time… I love you so much my Lolo… you were and always will be more than a grandmother to me… you were my best friend.” My strength. “She continued,” My rock. My everything.”

Amelia went on to say that her laughter could fill a room. She also said that Lois was the strength of their family. Amelia thanked her grandmother for teaching her what it means to be a strong woman. She also noted that she knew she had found Frank. She concluded by saying, “I know they’re having a party for you… and you’re dancing through Heaven… you’ll never be gone…” I did it my way… “” Me too. 5:05 am. “

Lisa Rinna commented on Amelia’s post saying, “Heaven has a new angel.”

Lisa also took to Instagram to share an old photo of her mother from what appears to be her wedding day. She shared with her followers that Lois had passed away. She said: “Lois DeAndrade Rinna June 7, 1928 – November 15, 2021 5:05 am Heaven has a new angel. “

Lisa Rinna and her mom Lois via Instagram

Lois’ life

It wasn’t the first stroke Lois suffered. His first stroke would have left him months of rehabilitation. Lisa had noticed that she was not the same as before but they were grateful to have her.

Lois also survived a terrible encounter by People. The report stated that Lois was attacked in 1960 by Trailside killer David Carpenter. He was a serial killer and rapist who murdered at least 10 people.

Lisa previously commented on the attack saying, “A few years before I was born my mother was attacked by a man she was working with.” She continued, “He picked her up from the bus stop and then all of a sudden he started driving her on this really deserted road. He tried to rape her. He tried to kill her. Fortunately, a military policeman saw them driving down this deserted road and he knew that no one was supposed to be there and he followed them. My mother was saved that day by this military policeman.

Lois had also previously commented on the attack. She said the man was riding her and had a hammer in one hand and a knife in the other.

Over the years, Lois and Lisa have remained very close. The two spent a year apart during the pandemic. They were able to reunite when Lois turned 93 last June.

RIP Lois.

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