Malia Obama received only $ 1 a week in spending money and no birthday gifts as a child

Barack and Michelle Obama, who ran two terms as POTUS and FLOTUS, devised a structured plan to deal with their parenthood: They only gave their firstborn $ 1 a week for spending money, and she did not receive any birthday present as a child.

Malia Obama’s father, Barack Obama, is the only African American to ever hold the presidential seat. The record holder who became the 44th President of the United States served two consecutive terms. He was a passionate individual who, regardless of race, was in contact with many citizens, of all races.

At home, he is known to show the same dedication, and over the years he has been on the lookout for his family. Before taking office in 2009, Barack, who shares two daughters, Malia and Sasha, with his wife, Michelle, revealed their parenting method.

These days they go about their business, enjoy their life and try to make a difference while resident in their nine bedroom home in Washington DC.


In 2008, Barack and Michelle caught up with People to discuss why they are reluctant to spoil their children and would like to teach them contentment, a value they already had in them from a young age. At the time, Malia had just celebrated her 7th birthday.

According to Michelle, her daughters never get birthday presents because of the money spent to make the day special, while her husband added that sleepovers are more than enough as friends show their support by attending and by bringing gifts. Mother of two added:

“They get so much stuff it just gets numb. Malia thinks there is still a Santa …”

The investigator wanted to know if they gave their children an allowance or pocket money. The duo mentioned that at first Malia made $ 1 per week just after completing her chores.

She had gotten into the business, and her dad felt guilty when he couldn’t keep his end of the bargain due to his busy schedule. Yet that did not make her relax her efforts to please her parents or complete assigned tasks.

During their childhood, sibling obedience did not mean that girls never quarreled or complained about the rules set at home; in the end, they were forced to listen to mom’s lecture or be deprived of certain privileges.

Regardless of these disciplinary measures, the Obama family is a big and happy bunch, where everyone has a role to play. They are also very united and talk about every decision and choice in life, especially when it affects them.

For example, before becoming the 44th president, Barack admitted that his children were nervous about what other children might think of them.

Ultimately, they supported their father and joined the series of tips that helped keep their confidence and attitude towards their fellow students.

Malia Obama is the firstborn of her parents and was the first daughter for eight years, during her father’s tenure as president. She is a 23-year-old adult who has had her life reconfigured for a while.

Malia, as the first daughter, saw her schedule reorganized, as well as her wardrobe and most of her life; however, the lessons she learned got her through.

When she became a teenager, an age when many would like to explore and add a series of activities to their list, like learning to drive, among others, she did not have the privilege of having her father to teach her.

As president, Barack was not licensed to drive, and his wife was not licensed to hold the post, so their daughter was left in the company of the secret services to teach him these essential skills.


Malia is an intelligent young woman who studies at the prestigious Harvard University. After high school, the former first daughter took a year-long hiatus before going to college.

Between her vacations, she worked as an intern at the American Embassy in Spain. Although it is not certain that the young woman has political ambitions, she is very involved in civil rights movements and puts forward her activism when necessary.

She has attended several protests where she has lent her voice or listened to possible arrangements for a solution, including the Dakota Access Pipeline protest and the Sundance festivals to hear from the President of Standing Rock and other water conservationists.

Malia’s involvement in protests may be a way of fulfilling her civic responsibilities and nothing short of a passion for a political career, however, she is interested in other areas.

Michelle explained that her daughter is an avid reader like her father and has long expressed her love for cinema. The smart young beauty interned as a production assistant on the set of HBO’s “Girls” and “Extant” and with the Weinstein Company.

As an intern, she received heartfelt compliments for her efforts from leading artists like Halle Berry and Lena Dunham. The duo admired his work ethic and commitment to the job.

While Malia seems to have inherited her father’s quick wit and dedication to tasks, she was also influenced by her mother’s fashion sense.

Many style magazines have noticed her ability to create fantastic casual outfits, which complement her figure and personality.

Malia led a rather low-key life until she became a student at Harvard University. Now the young adult is photographed in different places; she still seems to have her conservative attitude, even though she has been involved in a controversy before; she was seen smoking.

The Harvard student is also in a relationship and hasn’t done much to hide who she’s dating. Malia sees another Harvard student, Rory Farquharson. Farquharson is a British native who shares the same traits as his lover. His fashion sense is impeccable and he is not afraid to smoke.

At first, it was not clear if Barack was bothered by his daughter’s romance with Farquharson, as numerous publications called the young man a bad influence on Malia.

However, the former president made it clear in a previous interview that he trusts his daughter’s dating choices because they learned from the best mother. After all, her daughters are very disciplined, thanks to the values ​​instilled in them.

Recently the family kissed the young Briton by inviting him to quarantine himself with them. The former president praised Farquharson and said the whole family enjoyed spending time with him.

Leaving the office has allowed Barack and his wife to bond more with their family, but that doesn’t mean they have neglected their country. The duo continued to engage in other activities by lending their voice to various great causes.

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