‘MBFFL’ Whitney Really Misses Fun With Her Mom


MBFFL star Whitney Way Thore spent a lot of time with her mother during the COVID-19 pandemic. Buddy Bell helped them by checking the dogs and dropping off food packages. Obviously, Whitney made absolutely sure that her mother stayed safe from the virus. But, there is a big difference between living together in your forties and having a good time together. So, the TLC star really misses those funny moments.

MBFFL Whitney shared a comeback video of her and her mom

We have reported that before Buddy moved in with Whitney after she separated from Chase, she was living with her mother. Isolated, she seemed happy even when Buddy walked by and stayed outside with the packages. At least she and her mother weren’t left alone without any support. Everyone knows his mother is a fun and outgoing personality. And, it looks like Whitney felt the pressure locked inside as well.

Even though people are going out a bit more these days, it’s not the same kind of fun. The My big fabulous life star mentioned that he misses those fun moments so much. Taking to her Instagram on January 17, Whitney shared a video of her and her mother jumping and singing in the car. A lot of people love it because when they sing music in the car it’s okay. Full of MBFFL fans find it a lot of fun too. But not so much fun to sing with a mask.

Missing moments of pleasure in 2021

In her caption, Whitney wrote: “I just stumbled across this video from a year and a half ago and it GOT ME.” Then she told how she dreamed of sitting down one day “in a closed car with [her] mom. ” My big fabulous life the star just hopes to one day throw off the mask, just act “dumb” and “NO WORRY”. Finally, she mentioned that she misses this sort of thing a lot with her mother Babs. Obviously, many TLC fans know how she feels.

Did you know that when you sing in the car it’s great for your mental health? Maybe that’s why MBFFL star Whitney appreciates it so much. In addition, the side benefits seem quite impressive according to Elite Daily. “Research has shown that singing can improve your health, increase your happiness, and even extend your life.” Wow, no wonder people stuck in traffic get by without any sense of embarrassment.

MBFFL Whitney misses pleasure – Whitney Way Thore | Instagram

Of course, singing alone is not as good as sharing the moment with someone special. Like Whitney from MBFFL Do you also dream of the day when you can throw off the mask, sit in the car and sing with all your heart? Give your opinion in the comments.

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