Mom and author Laura Dellutri offers 4 tips for babysitting in the morning

SPRING HILL, Kan., Nov. 8, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – According to the American Psychological Association’s large Stress in America survey, nearly half of parents report higher stress levels compared to pre-pandemic life . The figure is even higher (62%) for parents who still have children at home for distance learning.

“Ask any mom what part of the day is the most stressful, and she’ll say it’s the mornings,” says Laura Dellutri, lifestyle expert and renowned author. “It can be stressful getting kids to wake up on time, feed them breakfast, check in and organize homework, all while sticking to a tight schedule. Here are some tips from Laura to help moms go from chaos to calm in the morning:

Tip # 1: prepare the day before and peace will reign in the morning
Teach kids how to hang out their clothes, pack their backpacks, and even get their shoes ready to go in the morning. Taking 10 minutes before bed will save moms 30 minutes of power struggles in the morning.

Tip # 2 Use Natural Medicines For Restful Sleep
Adults need 7-9 hours of sleep, but school-aged children need more: 8-14 hours a night to feel awake and rested each morning. “For healthier sleep, I prefer SleepCalm without melatonin from Boiron. It’s the neat way to fall asleep and stay asleep without feeling groggy the next day, and that’s important, ”says Dellutri. Available in formulas for adults and children, this homeopathic sleep medicine works by calming occasional insomnia and restless sleep without the synthetic hormone melatonin which can cause daytime sleepiness, dizziness and other side effects. * SleepCalm is formulated from plants and other pure substances. active ingredients and does not contain artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives. It is not addictive and will not interact with other medications that a person may already be taking. SleepCalm Melting Tablets, recommended for ages 12 and up, melt in the mouth, so they do not need to be taken with water. For younger kids, SleepCalm Kids Melatonin Free is available in pre-measured hygienic liquid doses that are easy to take for children ages 3 and up (no pills to chew or swallow). Find in health food stores, some drugstores and online. Visit for more information. #FindYourCalm

Tip # 3: make morning meals fun and creative
“The secret to keeping kids happy at breakfast time is creativity, while keeping it simple,” says Dellutri. Toaster waffles are one of the easiest breakfasts to serve. “I prefer Eggoji waffles. They are a fun twist on the classic, house-style Eggo waffles, with playful animated faces on each waffle. They take breakfast from a high pressure event to an opportunity for parents to create small wins for the whole family, ”according to Dellutri.

From the iconic smile with heart-shaped eyes to the heart-wrenching laughter, each Eggoji Waffle Box includes up to six different designs to make any plate full of fun. The playful expressions and familiar taste of waffles can help ease morning nerves and fuel the family every day.
For more information and nutritional information, visit

Tip # 4: Prepare Your Fashionista Mom Bag
Moms have little time for themselves as they take the kids to school, sporting events and other social activities. Don’t get caught up in uncomfortable shoes and clothes. An easy fix: Travel with a spare bag in the car with comfortable and fashionable basics that adapt to the occasion or make you more comfortable in the changing weather. “Remember to wear the most comfortable boots in the cold season. I love LAMO shoes, with shoes that are both comfortable and fashionable for busy moms. My favorite is the LAMO Tara boot, a must have boot for busy moms. The faux fur lining and collar add stylish details, keeping you fashionable and warm at any event, ”Dellutri adds. To find on @lamofootwear or on

About Laura Dellutri:
Lifestyle expert and author of Stress-free housekeeping for the overworked mother and Quick cleaning 101Laura Dellutri is a nationally recognized author and “Busy Mom Hero” with her proven advice. She appears frequently on national and local lifestyle television shows and is an often-cited contributor to radio and print media.

* Claims based on traditional homeopathic practice, no medical evidence accepted. Not evaluated by the FDA.

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