Mother-daughter duo reveal unique tips to make national movie night fun for families

Discover the brilliant ideas to make this next national movie night a memorable day for your family members.

Austin, Texas, United States – Jennifer and Jayda Borget, a mother-daughter duo based in Austin, Texas, are the powerful founding team behind their favorite project Family Movie Night Journal and their recent National Movie Night initiative. Jennifer and Jayda are both passionate about movies and how it leads to fun family reunions. As a family, they regularly host family movie nights to unwind, relax, have fun, laugh and connect. They are now on a mission to share their tradition with families around the world to promote the culture and benefits of family reunions around movies.

“Sharing movies with our kids has been one of my greatest joys,” Jennifer shares. “Films give us a sense of place and connect us not just to the characters whose lives we watch unfold, but to those who enjoy that experience with us.”

Their passion gave birth to their flagship product Movie Night Journal and the National Movie Night national campaign.

“We believe we can create a positive impact on society with our two initiatives,” Jennifer said.

Jennifer Borget is a dynamic and versatile person who likes to do many things and manages them all skillfully. She is an award-winning digital content creator, charismatic entrepreneur and mother of three. She enjoys writing, photographing and making videos. Jennifer earned a degree in communications from Brigham Young University.

Jayda Borget, Jennifer’s oldest daughter and co-founder of Movie Night Journal, is still finishing her studies. She is ambitious and determined to make her mark as an entrepreneur.

Recalling her first days with her daughter, Jennifer says: “When she was three, about once a week, I let her stay up late and climb into bed while I did her hair. I would make popcorn and insert a Disney DVD. It’s a big reason why she can now speak in movie quotes, and why she ended up being the co-dreamer and creator of the Family Movie Night Journal.

The Family Movie Night Journal is designed to help you create new family traditions with its catalog of hundreds of movie night suggestions, activities, and snack ideas to make the perfect movie night. Plus, it has 52 weeks of space for movie ratings and recaps so you can remember your favorite parts of each movie. The Movie Night Journal makes planning your family’s weekly movie night organized and fun.

“You can choose to be adventurous and creative with the Family Movie Night Journal, or keep it simple by filling in the basics. Either way, we promise you’ll enjoy every bit of it,” says Jennifer “This is just the beginning and we will be adding new features and more exciting things in the months to come.”

Jennifer is a firm believer that creativity and novelty will be a game-changer as it inspires millennials to embrace age-old family traditions and values ​​and win the hearts of moviegoers.

“In this fast-paced world full of distractions, we think it’s more than ever time to find ways to slow down, create traditions, and have fun with our families,” notes Jennifer. “Even if it goes through something as simple as Family Movie Night. We created this diary to help you plan your movie nights, record the memories you want to remember, and connect with the ones you love the most.

About National Movie Night

Jennifer and Jayda Borget, a mother-daughter duo fluent in movie quotes and authors of the Family Movie Night Journal, founded National Movie Night to create an opportunity to bring movie night traditions new and old to life. National Movie Night which will take place for the first time this year on June 10, 2022. Prepare to laugh, cry or cringe, but above all, to create memories.

Jennifer and Jayda Borget are available to talk about how to host a national movie night, how to start a family movie night tradition, and movie recommendations and ideas to celebrate.

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