Ontario Authorities Order “Fu-k Trudeau” Flag Removal

Flood waters started to rise again in Abbotsford’s Sumas Grassland, police said Thursday afternoon.

“In the last hour the water level in the eastern part of Sumas Grassland has started to rise,” Abbotsford police said on Twitter.

“The roads that were dry an hour ago now have flowing water. We see people who do not obey the barriers and the directives of the police, which poses public safety problems. “

Eleven other people were rescued overnight, adding to some 600 people who were evacuated to Abbotsford, officials said.

At least 40 people remain in the Sumas Prairie area, despite evacuation orders and the “imminent” danger.

“We need these people out of this area, please,” Abbotsford Police Chief Mike Serr said.

“The water levels there continue to fluctuate. We continue to watch it, every moment, but you put our first responders, our rescue services, at risk by staying there if we were to go when it gets much more complicated. “

As gas station lineups circled the block and some grocery stores had empty shelves, BC Premier John Horgan urged people not to rack up.

“Please don’t accumulate items. What you need, your neighbors need, too, ”said Horgan.

“Do the right thing. Listen to what your mother said to you when you were little:” Do to others what you would like them to do to you. “

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Thousands of animals have died according to the British Columbia Minister of Agriculture.

“Some of them are in their barns and some of them are flooded and you can see the animals that have died,” Minister Lana Popham said on Wednesday.

Although not recommended by authorities, people have successfully used boats and jet skis in an attempt to save some of the animals.

“Roadblocks, floating debris, areas too shallow to navigate but too deep to drive complicate matters. Be safe there! The water is cold and the winds are strong, ”writes Brad Mueller on Facebook.

Mueller helped save 50 calves Thursday morning, among others who braved the conditions.

The Disaster Financial Assistance Program is now available to eligible British Columbians located in areas affected by recent floods and landslides.

Applications must be submitted by February 12, 2022. To be eligible, a landlord or tenant must prove that the home in question is their primary residence.

“Financial assistance is provided for each claim accepted at 80% of the total amount of eligible damages less $ 1,000, up to a maximum of $ 300,000,” says the program.

Reid Small is a British Columbia correspondent for the Western Standard
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