Pakistani actor first saw worship on MOM set, people say

One of the best Bollywood actresses, Sridevi has made such films in her career which are hard to forget. There are certainly memories associated with each of his films. Sridevi may have said goodbye to the world at a young age, but even after years of her passing, fans are just as happy to see her films. The actress had a big movie ‘Mom’ and it was also the last movie of her career. His co-star Adnan Siddiqui was a Pakistani actor, who recently revealed he knew nothing about the cult back then.

Join hands or pray..
In one of his recent conversations, Pakistani actor Adnan Siddiqui revealed that when he arrived on sets on the first day to shoot the movie ‘Mom’, something happened to him that might seem a little strange to you. . In fact, they did not know then what is the significance of worship in India or how it is done. Especially while holding hands together, she and her other friend, who was from Pakistan and she played Sridevi’s daughter in the movie, also started laughing.

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laugh at worship
The actor said: “I once went to the sets on the first day and they were loving it. Me and Sejal arrived and went inside. I was wearing shoes so he said to take the shoes off. I took off Then Sejal and I looked at each other to see how we should We join our hands or raise our hands in prayer Sejal was laughing too so she started laughing putting her hand over her mouth I said not to do this man.

angry users
Twitter users got very angry about it. One wrote: “Such denial and contempt for Islamic history and culture is only found among South Asian Muslims. Arabs, Persians or Turks live the Islamic way of life, even if they don’t scoff at pre-Islamic history like the Pakistanis.

Story of “Mom”
‘Mom’ was Sridevi’s last film. In this film, she played the role of a woman who fights for her daughter. She is ready to do anything to obtain justice and ends up putting her culprits to death.


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