Paris Hilton alongside Kathy Hilton in Kyle Richards’ drama

Paris Hilton sides with her mother, Kathy Hilton, in the drama The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills about Kathy and her sister, Kyle Richards.

Paris Hilton makes it clear she’s on Kathy Hilton’s side in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama. Paris is Kathy’s daughter and Kyle Richards’ niece. Kyle is Kathy’s sister and a RHOBH OG. Kathy arrived during season 11 as a friend of the cast, instantly becoming a fan favorite. When RHOBH First, housewife Kyle opened up about the drama within her own family, involving her and her sisters Kim Richards and Kathy. During Season 1, Kyle and Kim, who was also a full-time housewife, spent no time hiding their disagreements. Fans have seen many fights between the sisters at the start of the seasons.


When news broke that Kathy was joining the cast, fans wondered if the sister tension would reappear on TV. During season 11, the sisters had no disagreements and gave fans some sweet sister moments. As filming for Season 12 unfolded in Beverly Hills, news began to emerge of a major fight during the cast’s trip to Aspen. Details on the upcoming RHOBH season drama have revealed that it will involve Kyle and Kathy. Now, Aspen episodes are starting to air and fans are seeing the pieces fall into place. including a scene showing Kathy upset over an incident in which her daughter’s line of tequila was not the tequila of choice for co-worker Lisa Rinna. Kyle seems to side with Lisa on this, which Kathy won’t tolerate.

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Paris makes it clear which side she stands on in this upcoming sister fight. Taking to Twitter during the episode’s premiere, Paris liked the tweets regarding the disagreement between her mother and aunt. Bravo Queens shared a screenshot of the likes on Twitter and wrote, along with the screenshot, “As Kathy & Kyle’s Tequila-Gate drama nears on next week’s #RHOBH, Paris likes a few tweets tonight.” In the screenshot, viewers can see that Paris doesn’t hold back with the tweets she “likes”. A Tweet read: “How many agency events and agency shirts has @kylerichards done? She can listen to @KathyHilton talking about tequila without interrupting.

Paris kept the likes going throughout the night, but some fans noticed a few tweets referencing her RHOBH Aunt Kyle was once unloved. The shared screenshot shows another Tweet that Paris liked: “Kyle was clearly trying to sabotage Kathy’s tequila scene.” She added, “The show served for a decade as publicity for the agency, but God forbid Kathy is taking a moment to promote her daughter’s business. What a shitty sister.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showed the dynamic of Kyle and his sisters, Kim and Kathy. With future episodes showing Kyle and Kathy at odds again, fans are wondering if Kyle has a hard time sharing the spotlight. Kathy appeared on screen and in an instant fans were obsessed. If Kyle couldn’t stand being Richards’ only favorite sister, she would know how to get Kathy to act in front of the cameras. Paris won’t descend in silence watching her Aunt Kyle engage in bratty behavior that makes her mother look bad, and fans may never forgive Kyle if this is Kathy’s last run on the show.

Source: Bravo Queens/Twitter, Paris Hilton/Twitter

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