Pregnancy and mental health



Neuroscientific studies have proven that meditation in all its forms helps pregnant women reduce stress and keep their spirits up. It helps cultivate mindfulness and awareness, and reduce anxiety and negative feelings like hostility, depression, stress, and anxiety. This gives them the tools to navigate complex emotions that would not budge, even in the face of the most reassuring reading. They experience stronger and more frequent positive feelings, such as pleasure, gratitude, and hope.


Yoga offers holistic health benefits for the expectant mother. It helps to keep the body flexible. It helps you breathe deeply and consciously relax and alleviate the effects of common symptoms such as morning sickness, painful leg cramps, swollen ankles, and constipation. It reduces tension and anxiety, helps regulate blood pressure and deeply relaxes every cell in the body, calms and relaxes the mind, maintains body temperature, and improves oxygen supply which helps baby grow. Exercise helps maintain balanced weight, blood pressure, and sugars, making pregnancy healthier and travel easier.


Faith can benefit most people by giving them the strength to do their best and to withstand the ups and downs of pregnancy with positivity.


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