Teenage mother Catelynn Lowell slammed after the star claimed she split from husband Tyler Baltierra after the couple’s fourth child

TEEN Mom OG star Catelynn Lowell has come under fire after claiming to split from husband Tyler Baltierra.

The 29-year-old hinted at the breakup after welcoming their fourth child together.


Fans slammed Catelynn after claiming she split from TylerCredit: social media – Refer to source
Catelynn was arraigned for lying about the state of their relationship


Catelynn was arraigned for lying about the state of their relationshipCredit: Instagram

Catelynn took to Instagram on Friday to share a collage featuring photos of her and Tyler, 29, over the years.

Along with the post, the Teen Mom OG star wrote: “It’s hard to admit, but here is our official statement on not being together anymore. Thank you for your love and support.

She then encouraged her followers to find out more about the post by inviting them to click on the link in her bio.

While Catelynn turned off the comments section on the post, fans still voiced their negative opinions by reaching out to Reddit.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of the Instagram post, writing, “What’s going on? Tyler and Catelynn are going their separate ways?

Many fans have called on Catelynn for her constant “clickbait” stories, as one person wrote: “Let’s make our collective New Years resolution not to allow clickbait posts in 2022.”

Another MTV fan added, “Love the photo collage they used for the click bait: the repeated photo and the giant camo crotch right in the middle.”

A third replied, “It’s click bait. Nothing is off limits for Cate.”

Others said they forgot about Catelynn’s posts involving their breakup, while another added, “I never open them. If I’m suspicious of what it is, I’ll just go google it. and see which websites appear first. “


Catelynn’s post comes after welcoming their baby girl, Rya Rose, in late August.

The couple are also the parents of Novalee, six, Vaeda, two, and Carly, 12 – whom they placed for adoption when she was a baby.

Carly, who they had when they were in high school in 2009, is raised by her adoptive parents, Brandon and Teresa.


Tyler broke down in tears after seeing Carly for the first time in two years, in a recent emotional episode of Teen Mom OG.

In the episode, the family recalled their day at the park with Carly before going out to dinner with their firstborn and foster parents.

Tyler pounced on his eldest daughter calling her the “best babysitter” after watching her play with her younger siblings.

The couple went on to comment on how grown their daughter looked, saying she looked like a “little adult.”

Catelynn had tears in her eyes as the two spoke of her interaction with the 12-year-old, where they discussed a letter the mother of four had sent her.


The reunion became more emotional after the family dinner, as Tyler broke down in tears after saying “goodbye” to his daughter.

The scene showed a visibly upset Tyler kissing their adoption counselor, Dawn, as she consoled him.

“She adores you so much, you know that?” Dawn assured Tyler. “And you’re going to be the only thing she thinks about and talks about for the next few weeks.”

“She’s going to keep thinking about those special times you had together. It’s so important to her,” she continued.

Tyler stepped back, intervening, “It never gets easier,” to which Dawn replied, “You wouldn’t be human if that was the case.”

Catelynn hinted at split for Tyler in new Instagram post


Catelynn hinted at split for Tyler in new Instagram postCredit: Instagram / @ catelynnmtv
They welcomed their fourth daughter in August


They welcomed their fourth daughter in AugustCredit: Tyler Baltierra / Instagram
The couple share four girls together


The couple share four girls togetherCredit: Instagram

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