The best Mother’s Day activities for seniors

Moms, grandmothers, adoptive mothers, mothers-in-law, mothers-in-law – mothers and mother figures are some of the biggest influences in our lives. They come in many forms and have many names. Whatever the mother figure is in your life, here are some ideas for activities you can do with her this Mother’s Day.

Low-energy activities for laid-back moms

Stack the deck! Card games are somewhat of a lost art in this fast-paced world, but they are a popular treat for older generations. Spend some time letting your mom teach you some of her favorites, and you can be entertained – no phone or internet required – for hours!

Take out the family albums. Mom always wanted to pull them out when your new boyfriend arrived, so she’ll probably want to browse them now, right? No matter how many times you’ve seen a photo, looking at it with fresh eyes and a new perspective of who you are today can bring up a new memory of mom or a story you’ve never heard before.

Search for places on Google Maps. Images from Google Maps can be incredibly crisp and evocative. You can go back to elementary school or mom’s hometown or even travel the world to somewhere she’s always wanted to go. You can see places from a bird’s eye view, or zoom in to street level and navigate your virtual feet and stroll through Central Park or along the cafe-lined streets of Paris!

Read aloud together. Reading in general has benefits for cognitive health, but reading aloud with a loved one turns an isolated activity into a social one. Sharing a book with mom can be like sharing a special meal or trip without leaving home.

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Share your best memories. If your mother’s memory is vivid, settle in with a soothing cup of tea and ask her about some of her fond memories from her youth. What trips did she like? Has she ever hitchhiked? What kind of car did she drive when she was a teenager? If you’re stumped, check out Modern Mom Life’s list of 40 Questions to Ask Your Parents!

For moms who are miles away

Make a remote appointment. You can do more than just chat on the phone when mom is away: you can do activities together or make a date to watch a TV show. Share your theories while watching a true crime or laugh at the ancient language of an old western movie. Tune in to a teardrop or attend a comedy for shared laughs!

Take a virtual tour together. You and mom can explore the world together from the comfort of your own home. Check out’s free virtual tours program for Mother’s Day, which includes the Nishiki market in Japan, parks in Dubai and a walk along the Moselle in Germany!

Plan activities for your next visit. Talking and planning your time together can melt away the miles and give you both something to look forward to.

Royal pleasure for moms who like to be treated like queens

Brunch all day. Many family restaurants welcome moms on this Mother’s Day. For the truly royal treatment, be sure to make a reservation in advance so mum feels like a VIP as you pass the party lines lining up for a table!

Make everything extra. Step up a gear for mom today by going a little beyond the ordinary. Without much effort or extra time on your part, you can make Mother’s Day even more special by adding whipped cream to her morning coffee, candles to the dinner table, or fancy placemats for the to eat lunch. Fluff up the pillows on the sofa and set Mom up with a cozy duvet and slippers.

Grandmother and granddaughter wearing homemade wreaths

Spend a day at the spa. Spas are havens for aromatherapy, massages and manicures. You can tailor your experience to your mother’s particular needs and desires.

Peaceful activities for moms who want to be left alone

Create a playlist of relaxing songs. You can create personalized playlists on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music or Google Music that mom can stream for hours while relaxing in her bedroom or sitting in her backyard.

Start an ancestry project. Mom could spend hours exploring the family tree! Websites like and offer free trials, and has a Mother’s Day sale to help mom start saving!

Dress up the place! While mom is in her zen place with relaxing music, a good book, or a fun ancestry project, clean up the whole house!

Bring fresh flowers and plants. Whether you have a favorite local nursery or only have a short time to hit the hardware store, now is the time of year to bring some fresh foliage for your mom’s house or room. Make sure the plants are easy to care for so she can enjoy them for a long time.

Cooking activities for mums butlers

Baking is an essential activity on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Ingredients are usually fairly simple and close at hand, although cleanup can be a burden. If you’re not in the mood for the extra work, have you heard of mug cakes? These mini-desserts offer all the delicacy of a cake in a smaller size and without the oven!


Cake or cookie decorating contest. Another fun option in the kitchen for Mother’s Day is cookie decorating. You can add sprinkles, grandkids’ initials, or stick with the Mother’s Day hearts and flowers pattern.

Activities for all ages for the whole family

Board games and puzzles, please! The best part about breaking out an old board game or puzzle is how easy it is to clean – everything goes right back in the box until next time! Don’t overload yourself with a thousand piece masterpiece that could become a chore. A 250 or 500 piece puzzle with larger pieces that are easier to see and grasp is perfect for this occasion.

Take family photos! No need to book a photographer, you can set up family photos at home, indoors or outdoors. Everyone can put on their Sunday best to make the occasion extra special and the pictures so fun to look back on!

Create a memory kit. Memory kits use a form of reminiscence therapy and are great for a loved one with dementia. But even if your mom’s memory is strong, you can have the whole family compile items that represent their favorite tastes, sounds, and smells.

Outdoor adventures for active moms

Visit antique shopping malls. Flea markets and antique shops are full of treasures and souvenirs. It might take a bit of time if you’re looking for something specific, but you’re sure to find some items that will make you and mom laugh or reminisce along the way.

Take a trip to the park. Is there a park you’ve always driven through but never stopped exploring? Today is the day! Take nature photos with your smartphone or traditional camera and have fun comparing photos later. And forget about loading up your bike: find a place that offers rentals so you don’t have to worry about loading up your two or three-wheeler. You can pack an easy picnic or even practice tai chi while you’re there!

Young older woman outdoors on a bench with flowers and plants
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Take a visit to the farmers market together. Spring is the season for the return of farmers’ markets – a great place for you and mom to meet others in your community with similar interests and tastes. Your local market can include the freshest produce, artisan goods like hummus, candles and soaps, and even local art. The best part of Farmers Markets is spending time outdoors, knowing you’re supporting your local farmers and artists, and discovering new favorite things while meeting the artisans who buy them!

No mom fits into just one category, and maybe you feel like your roles have reversed and you are beautiful more like the mother in your relationship these days. Either way, Mother’s Day is a time to break the monotony of the weekly routine of caregiving.

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