TikTok loves Giada De Laurentiis’ ‘Teenage Dirtbag’ photos

Normally, when Giada De Laurentiis goes on TikTok, she proposes zest tips or show the Dyson Supersonic. But she’s not above taking on a meme. Previously, she swallowed some incredibly long pasta and chocolate dipped pickles torture his daughter. But when De Laurentiis went for the “teenage dirtbag” crown on ICT Tac, it was hard to believe that the fashionable food manufacturer would have much to offer as a so-called dustbag. Sure enough, she was, as one commenter put it, “still classically beautiful,” even with a mouth full of braces. (However, the suspenders explain her signature 5,000-watt smile.)

TikTok commenters couldn’t say enough good things about the chef. Most of the reactions were “beautiful” or “marry me.” One of them tried to bring the chain of adulation back to a more realistic place by telling the leader, “I don’t think you got the mission.” Some have compared her to other famous faces, like the person who felt Dr Laurentiis gave off “Marsha Brady vibes”.

Perhaps the best were the surreal comments, such as “You’re angles”, or the (potentially devious?) compliments, such as “I grew up watching you with my mother”, which don’t seem designed to give impression to anyone ‘re at their peak.

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