TikToker Heartbroken Over Grandma’s Pregnancy Announcement Suddenly Stopped

A frosty grandma is going viral on TikTok for her absolutely brutal reaction to her daughter’s pregnancy announcement.

It’s normally a joyful occasion when a woman announces she’s pregnant and it’s usually a very happy time for her parents too, but one grandma has had enough.

A mom-to-be filmed her own mother’s reaction to her pregnancy and expected her to be happy. Instead, she was completely mortified by his response, and she took the internet by storm.

The viral clip uploaded by ‘mariskrodal‘ begins with the mother holding an ultrasound picture having just learned that her daughter is pregnant.

With a worried look on her face, she looked at her daughter in disappointment before uttering a few choice words.

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“Another one already? she asked. “You can’t manage the two you have.”

The pregnant mum was put off by the remarks, but that didn’t stop the grandmother from continuing to tell her how she really felt.

“Really another baby?” she added, causing the man filming to turn away in shock.

A woman in the video, likely the pregnant woman’s sister, was puzzled by the remarks.“This is really messed up, mom!” She gasped.

TikTok users react to grandma’s abrupt shutdown

The clip has gone extremely viral, amassing over 10 million views since its posting. Despite her claims, users are defending the grandma for being honest and even want some people to learn a thing or two from her reaction.


Users praise the grandmother for her honesty.

“The truth hurts but must be told,” one commented.

“More people need to be this honest,” said another.

However, some users doubt the legitimacy of the clip and think it may have been staged to grow the TikTok channel.

User hasn’t uploaded any follow up clips so far and it’s unclear how the conversation went following grandma’s comments but hopefully we can get an update soon update on the situation.

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