Video: Archana Puran Singh Disappeared in London Market, Son Shares Message – My Mom Lost

Archana Puran Singh In London these days. She is enjoying her vacation with her sons Aryaman and Ayushmann Sethi. Ayushman is showing fans a glimpse of his vacation through photos and videos. Recently, Ayushmann shared a video. While sharing this video, he shared that his mother i.e. Archana disappeared in a market in London. However, Ayushmann found him later. Ayushmann also recorded it and shared it with fans.

At the start of the video, Ayushmann Sethi can be seen pointing the camera at a rickshaw in a crowded market, from where he points to Archana Puran Singh. He says: “My mother was lost, I found her. But they don’t know where it’s going. Archana starts walking like a stranger in the market.

Ayushmann was behind Archana

Ayushmann Sethi records her back and forth, when Archana suddenly turns around and gives a startling reaction and Ayushmann starts laughing. He asks Archana, “Where are you going?” With that, Archana said, “I don’t know. where were you.” Ayushmann says he was behind her and made videos of her.

Son Aryaman seen with Archana Puran

After that, Archana meets Aryaman and asks him to leave. This Aryaman refuses to copy them and calls himself professional. Archana bursts out laughing and forbids her son Ayushmann to record. Sharing this video, Ayushmann wrote, “Lost and Found: Mom.” Ayushman also tagged Archana in this video.

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