Why does Elon Musk make his mother sleep in the garage? will be surprised to know

New Delhi: Elon Musk doesn’t need ID. He is the richest person in the world. However, when Musk’s mother, owner of immense wealth, visits him, she gets no royal opulence. However, they have to sleep in the garage. The name of the mother of this billionaire son is Maye Musk. Mayi Musk herself revealed it. She is 74 years old. Mayi is also a model and activist.

This was revealed by Mayi Musk during a conversation with The Times. She said where she had to sleep when she traveled to Texas to meet her son. This is where SpaceX is headquartered.

Not interested in Elon Musk’s ownership
Elon Musk’s Mom Says Her Son Isn’t Interested In Real Estate Etc At All Indeed, when she goes to visit her son in Texas, she has to sleep in the garage. Elon Musk’s net worth is close to $229 billion. Mayi Musk told The Times that you might not have a fancy home near Rocket Site.

In April, Elon Musk said he had no home. He stays with his friends. He revealed it in an interview with TED director Chris Anderson. He then said, “I don’t even have my own house yet. I really live with my friends.

Musk later revealed he had a residence in Boca Chica, which he rented to SpaceX for $50,000. In 2020, he had asked to sell all his properties.

The Musk family has already been through a financial crisis
Meanwhile, Elon Musk’s mother has also revealed that unlike her son, she has no aspirations to go to Mars. Mayi has three children with ex-husband Errol Musk. These include Allen, Kimble and Tosca. He remembers that he had to go through a very difficult period. Financial constraints were also the reason for the breakdown of her marriage to Errol. The whole family once constantly struggled with the lack of money.

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