‘Yellowstone’ Star Kelly Reilly Recalls Scene That Outraged Fans

Yellowstone Star Kelly Reilly had to play many controversial scenes in her role as Beth Dutton, but she recently recalled the moment that outraged fans the most. Talk to TV line, Reilly revealed that it wasn’t Beth’s criminal moments that drove viewers overboard, but when the character refused to let Carter (Finn Little) call her mother. Beth had taken in the orphaned teenager and cared for him in Season 4.

“America sued me for this!” Reilly would have said while laughing. “I was like, ‘That’s the character, not me!’ But I get it, I wish she would [let herself be a mother to him], too.” She continued, “But think about it. If she’s telling that kid she just met, ‘Yeah, I’ll be your mom,’ that’s not true for him.” Clarifying her position on the emotional scene, Reilly explained, “She’s saying, ‘You had a mom. She died. I can’t replace that. But I will be your friend. I think there’s something honorable about that.”

Yellowstone is a Paramount Network series that stars Kevin Costner as Dutton family patriarch John Dutton. His family controls the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States. Yellowstone held its Season 4 finale in May, and the big episode set a massive viewership record. According Deadline, the finale drew 9.3 million total viewers on Live + Same Day. That’s up 81% from the Season 3 finale, which drew 5.2 million viewers. The Season 4 finale also surpassed the previous Live + Same Day viewership of 8 million set by the Yellowstone Season 4 premiere.

In particular, the Yellowstone The Season 4 finale is the most-watched telecast on cable since The Walking Dead Season 8 premiered on AMC in October 2017, which had 11.4 million viewers. “Yellowstone continues to break records with more than 11 million viewers tuning in to the season finale, proving that we’ve touched a cultural nerve – from the center of the country to every coast – and that we still have plenty of room to grow on-line,” said Chris McCarthy, President and CEO of ViacomCBS Media Networks. “Our franchise strategy Yellowstone in a universe of series to fuel the growth of Paramount+ is already exceeding expectations with
and Mayor of Kingstown proving to be two of the best titles.” Yellowstone Season 5 is currently set to premiere on November 5.

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